Wii U's Name Is Not The Problem - NVC Podcast

Nintendo may be facing a myriad of problems with its current gen hardware, but the name of it is not one of them.

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BullyMangler1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

sure it is . . most of my friends thought wiiU was just the tablet . stores world wide also think wiiU is just a tablet . .

just face it . the whole world thinks wiiU is a wii peripheral .

while ps4 only sold well because of number 4 at end of Playstation ..

now on certain facebook groups, people are selling their ps4 due to lack of great games . and they be asking for wiiU's . sony exclusives RAUNCHED .

ps4 leading the way in sales .

wiiU dominating with higher quality, more challenging, more inventive, better looking, more game CHANGING (true next gen) games over ps4 XB1 ..

while wiiU online getting clogged, and ps4 no . . ps4 is trash rite now . wiiU is sssiickkk!, except people dont want to pay $350 for just a tablet, AKA wiiU, when they can just pay an extra $50 for a brand new system like PS4 lol . see the big picture ?

LOL_WUT1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

So hostile towards the PS4 LOL you'd think they are the ones responsible for Nintendo's shortcomings! I guess we can both agree that them naming the console the WiiU was setting them up for failure. ;)

marloc_x1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

The name was a poor choice but Wii U is far from a failure.

These consoles are software delivery systems and Nintendo has a very strong attach rate from it's fan base.

3DS had to first earn it's keep too and I see the same pattern emerging for Wii U..

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wonderfulmonkeyman1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Dude, it's not the name.

It's the marketing.

The name wouldn't cause confusion if the marketing were readjusted to provide a clear-cut and short explanation that would fit perfectly into a 10 to 30 second commercial, then broadcasted during popular prime-time shows for a few months.

That would make the whole situation tons easier.

Let's just face it; the public at large is easily confused, if not stupid, so it takes blunt, short, easy-to-understand advertisement to clear the air in instances like this.

It's Nintendo's fault for not doing that in the first place and trying to ride the Wii's wave with its successor.

Chrischi19881290d ago

Where do you pay $350 for a Wii U? Not even during release it costed $350. Ok, it costed $350, but it had a great game with it. All people always forget the extra game. PS4 + 1 game is $450. Ok, not if on sale, but Wii U is on sale everywhere, too.

randomass1711290d ago

There were several reasons for Wii U's bad launch the name was just one of them. They are better off now though. If Nintendo is smart they will try to appeal to fans and hardcore gamers a little more.

tinkypop1290d ago

Come down to marketing. or lack of marketing.
people still dont know what the wii u is.
Nintendo got lazy and thought the name Wii would sale it to start with.
But Nintendo themself dont want to push the Wii u too much,
The steps in to HD gaming(7years behind the rest) Nintendo have a lot of catch up to do.
But looking at some the games out, you kind of forget Nintendo are new to the HD market.
Make me think what kind of game we would have now, if the wii was a hd system?

Locknuts1290d ago

It's definitely a bad name but they also make a great point towards the end of the podcast about indies being more 'justifyable' on the Wii U. He's right. If you brought your friends over to show off your new PS4 and loaded up 1001 spikes, people would look at you funny. If you did the same with a Wii U people would probably be more like 'Oh cool! Retro games!'

DonDon1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Indies are awesome:

After getting ps4, I mostly buy Indies and my GF was like "WTF"--We paid $550 (insurance and bonus controller included) to play games that look like they were from the "80's"? But I don't care. I love Fez, Towerfall, Stick it to the Man, Dustforce (ps3), Minecraft, Don't Starve, Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, Shovel Knight etc. Even looking forward to Mario Maker as top Wii U game (psuedo indie since we will share our created levels). Those games are deeper than boring crap "AAA" games like Watchdogs and COD (which offer no challenge). Only good AAA game in the last year other than Tomb Raider (good but no replay value) was the excellent Last of Us game & Mario Kart 8.

Only "AAA" games I want next are Bloodborne, Mario Maker, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5, SMT x Fire Emblem, MGS V TTP, Monster Hunter 4. All the rest are upcoming indie that I want (mighty no. 9, No Mans Sky, etc)

Spotie1290d ago

It isn't the ONLY problem. But it's part of it, make no mistake.

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