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Alan Wake - More Than Just A Game

Alan Wake, the highly anticipated survival-horror game from Remedy Entertainment, the creators of the the original Max Payne games, was initially released as a console exclusive. Members of the PC Gaming Master Race had to wait two years till they finally got the chance to try it. Asidcast explains why it was one of the greatest games ever made. (Alan Wake, PC, Xbox 360)

GamingSinceThe80s  +   473d ago
I Just picked this up the other day.But have yet to start playing it.To many great games so little time.I could not buy another game for 10 years and still have plenty I had not played.And between Plus/Live it's getting more out of hand then ever.
HighResHero  +   473d ago
I got it on GOG a while ago and now that I have a PC controller I can't wait to try it out. Even more so now that I see all the people on here raving about it(especially the story telling)
The best part is that I have no idea what it is about.
I hear where you are coming from regarding the backlog of games and I love it.
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   473d ago
It's a great game and one that I binge played, same as I did for The Last of Us
aawells07  +   473d ago
Such an awesome game man. Just play it dude. It's bursting with atmosphere.
Xb1ps4  +   473d ago
Man that is the best part, not knowing about it! Play it it's a great game and many great games get ruined by thinking you know all about it.. Ppl ruin it for them selves a lot
boneso82  +   472d ago
I played it not long ago, i still have no idea what its about. Im joking, the story was actually pretty good but the ending was awful, in my opinion of course.

I enjoyed the game but i wouldn't play it again and i certainly would't put it up there with the best of last gen.
segamon  +   473d ago
Aging is taxing my friend.
Xb1ps4  +   473d ago
I know your pain....
Codewow  +   473d ago
I liked the game, but the controls were very sluggish. Though I did not enjoy the second game, American Nightmare or something like that. Got repetitive fast.
VeryNicePerson  +   473d ago
Amazing storytelling, countless references, flawless atmosphere BUT unfortunately it is a really repetitive game. [lack of variety in gameplay]

Still a strong game from 7th generation. Can't wait for Quantum Break and eventually AW2. Remedy *A*
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Anon1974  +   473d ago
I wanted to like this game. I really did. I generally love the horror/survival genre, I'm a big Stephen King fan and I've always been a fan of Remedy's work and I just didn't like this game. I tried multiple times to get into it but the game just left me bored silly. I'd put it on the shelf, try it again in a month thinking maybe I just wasn't in the mood but whenever I tried to get into it, the combat and characters just didn't do a damn thing for me. Found it rather a slog and eventually just gave up.

I know I'm in the minority, but just thought I'd share. There have to be some people out there like me that found Alan Wake a disappointment? I think this was the last game I played on my 360.
Ben_Rage_3  +   472d ago
I didn't like Alan Wake either. The first few chapters were really great and immersive. I liked the setting, story and the characters, but the game got way too repetitive. I felt like I was having the same battle over and over and over. And I hated how the game made you lose all of your items after each chapter.

I remember the chapter where the police took away your equipment, and I thought it made sense that you would lose your stuff. But then when you get your stuff back from the police, your high powered flashlight was downgraded. Plus the story didn't really have an ending and the dlc was lame. Massively overrated game.
Anon1974  +   472d ago
That's it. You hit the nail right on the head for me. The game seemed well made and right from the start I was digging it, and enjoyed it for quite a few hours in, but then it just got so damn repetitive, combat simply became a slog for me. I don't think I was anywhere close to the end but for awhile I'd keep playing, hoping for something new and finally just gave up. And I felt bad about it too! I felt guilty as I'm a big fan of Remedy. I guess it doesn't matter to them because they already collected my money when I picked the game up, but I really wanted to like this title.

Did you see that moron try to say that the reason people didn't like the game is that they must have been anti-Xbox? Seriously, what's with kids these days. So I guess whenever a gamer has an individual problem with a game, it must be because they hate the console, not the game? Unbelievable.
starchild  +   473d ago
Too much association with the Xbox brand for you to enjoy it, huh darkride66?

Played it on the PC and it's one of my favorite games, but I guess even if you played it on the PC you would still be left disgusted just knowing that it was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive.
Anon1974  +   472d ago
Yep. I guess that was it. Just can't enjoy a game on my Xbox 360, despite owning, buying it and playing it on my Xbox 360. It's the fact that it was on the 360 that was the cause of all these problems and I never once was able to enjoy a game on a game console I owned and bought games for. /s

Seriously, are legitimately an idiot? Because if that's the fact of the matter, it explains a lot regarding your comments over the years and I can simply back off, apologize and let you go back to throwing soup at the wall.
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Kran  +   473d ago
Course it got repetitive. The whole game was told around a time loop.
DarkOcelet  +   473d ago
Alan wake , the silent hill of the 7th gen , truly was amazing , i hope Remedy does a second installment a real one , not like american nightmare
mcstorm  +   473d ago
I agree I really enjoyed Alan Wake. For me the 3rd person horror games were not the best last gen in resident evil, dead island and Silent Hill are 3 I can think of off the top of my head I did not enjoy but I played the hell out of Alan wake.

Would love to see it on the Xbox one as it could be made into the open world game they wanted to at the start.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   473d ago
eh its barely anything close of the Silent Hill games.
DarkOcelet  +   473d ago
nor did homecoming or downpour and i have played every silent hill , maybe homecoming soundtrack was beautiful and story was good but it just felt very different .
TXIDarkAvenger  +   473d ago
Ok but what does that have to do with what I said. I'm saying Alan Wake is nothing like any of the Silent Hill games. Alan Wake is an amazing game but its not even similar to Silent Hill.
Mr Tretton  +   472d ago
"Alan wake , the silent hill of the 7th gen"

How dare you.
DarkOcelet  +   472d ago
Haha come on , i love silent hill so much but the last two installments felt so different from the first four , i hope team silent returns and make another one , silent hill 2 was awesome .
Mr Tretton  +   472d ago
Team Silent can't 'return.' I wouldn't hope for that. Yes, SH has sucked for years. That doesn't make AW the new SH
I liked how well the gameplay and story meshed together, but besides a few standout moments like the concert, it got a bit repetitive towards the end. It felt like all those story pages you found had a lot of effort put into them though and it had a great atmosphere. Not sure when/if I'll ever get an Xbox One, but if they can succeed in blending the old Max Payne formula with the supernatural elements of Alan Wake for Quantum Break, I'd be intrigued.
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christocolus  +   473d ago
I hope we see a sequel soon. Remedy should start work on it once QB is done.
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Darkwatchman  +   473d ago
Alan Wake was the game that made me get an xbox 360 years ago when it released
Kingdomcome247  +   473d ago
One of my top ten or so games of all time.I love Remedy, and their knack for storytelling. I cannot wait to see QB gameplay at Gamescom.
Imalwaysright  +   473d ago
I'm a big Max Payne fan and Alan Wake helped cement my opinion that Remedy is one of the top devs in this industry. Bring on Quantum Break.
--bienio--  +   473d ago
Quantum Break Pc Version!!
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   473d ago
Its going to happen.
XiMasterChief  +   473d ago
In 2 years.
OpieWinston  +   473d ago
Well I heard that MS owns the IP to QB. So I doubt the PC version will follow.

If Remedy owns QB than a PC port will hit in 2 years.

If not, then it'll probably never happen.
gamer7804  +   473d ago
this is a fantastic game, but its not a survival-horror. its a science fiction action-thriller. Just to clear it up. I personally prefer tense well thought out moments rather than just shock-value gruesomeness of some survival horror.
Voxultima  +   473d ago
I agree. A lot of people call it a Survival Horror, but it is mostly a Psychological Thriller. It's difficult to classify the game to a particular genre because we've never before had a game which is so much like a movie. If Cinematic game were a genre, that's where Alan Wake would fit best.
Mr Tretton  +   472d ago
I wouldn't call it sci fi either. It's like dark mystery like twin peaks/x files.
BallsEye  +   473d ago
One of best games last gen, period. Truly amazing graphics and story one of few SP games that I actually come back to after finishing it.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   473d ago
Nothing really amazing in terms of graphics. This game is awesome but graphics? Pretty meh, nothing surprising.
ziggurcat  +   472d ago

i have to say that i do agree with you here. alan wake was great.
ATi_Elite  +   473d ago
Alan wake is a great game but i still want the open world sandbox version firt displayed at an intel conference many years ago.
ghostface9  +   473d ago
Actually started playing this last for the second time still love it. I hope this gets remastered for x1 think if it came with quantum break that would sell through the roof. Definetely the best story for a thriller or horror game
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Palitera  +   473d ago
One of the few remasters I'd buy.

Amazing story and atmosphere!
BattleReach  +   473d ago
One of the best games I've ever played.
OpieWinston  +   473d ago
Hands down my favorite game of last gen...Second favorite game I've ever played.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   473d ago
I just ordered this today lol, looking forward to playing it. The setting and gameplay looked pretty awesome and I missed it early on when it first came out as I was playing too many MP games...
xX1NORM1Xx  +   473d ago
i got the ltd ed when i first came out on 360 all those years ago and i loved it i didnt see much but i had money to burn. but i played it and loved it so much i got it on pc too it was such a good game i feel alot of people just wrote it off though :(
peowpeow  +   472d ago
impressively gripping story and atmosphere! Almost fav game for that alone

I actually watched a complete walkthrough before picking up the game. It was even better during my next 2 playthroughs
coolbeans  +   472d ago
My (current) 2010 GOTY. Such an awesome title.
Mr Tretton  +   472d ago
I liked it on PC. Will replay someday. Didn't like the DLC but at least it was dirt cheap.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   472d ago
One of my true favorites.
Such a cool game.

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