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Op-Ed: Is the 'Homefront' series cursed?

Two months after Crytek announced that 'Homefront: The Revolution' was in the works, reports began to surface that the studio was struggling with finical problems. They are the third video game company connected to the 'Homefront' IP to suffer from finical problems. Is this series cursed (Culture, Homefront, Homefront: The Revolution, Industry)

stanr  +   137d ago
Is the Homefront series cursed? First Kaso Studio, than THQ and now Crytek. Like the Madden curse, it seems disaster and ruin follows this game series.
Eonjay  +   137d ago
Yeah...about that...its no longer with Crytek...
stanr  +   137d ago
And? The OpEd makes it clear that its now Deep Silvers problem.

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