Tekken 7 Director Surprised by Feedback on Arab Assassin; Addresses Assassin’s Creed Similarities

Yesterday Tekken 7 Director and Producer Katsuhiro Harada asked the fans for feedback on an Arab-looking assassin concept that might be used for a new character, and the community definitely scrambled to comment and discuss.

Harada-san commented on Twitter, expressing his surprise for the amount of feedback received and talking about the experience, which definitely isn’t very common for a game developer.

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Golden_Mud1436d ago

Im not that much surprised cause the arabian region is full of gamers , the arab gaming is a wide successful community but it isn't that known cause most of the developers are just starting , for example : Hako Games had just started and many other studios are just starting to come out with quality games.

Ripsta7th1436d ago

Maybe if the wars stopped over there ,people would have better things to do w their time

Golden_Mud1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

What wars ? I live in Saudi Arabia and right now Im in Egypt , there is no war ? also I just told you , arabs are beginning to come out to showcase their skills in programming games...

HammadTheBeast1436d ago

Well that's a huge generalization.

rocketpanda1436d ago

You sir are an A class simpleton! Why bring something completely unrelated to this topic? You somehow think anything to do with that region is war. I reckon Fox news must be your got to source for everything newsworthy!

TongkatAli1436d ago

Tell that to America and Israel and maybe the wars would stop, it's not those Arabs countries fault at all.

DarkOcelet1436d ago

:/ just like ihassounah said and you seriously need to see for it for yourself before saying things like this ... ignorance is a bliss

bouzebbal1435d ago

and maybe the day you leave your cave you will understand the world a little better.
just how mental old are you?

q8kik1435d ago

Egyptian tradition wearings are highly influenced by the ottomans . for example, egyptians used to wear a typical arabic turban before the ottomans came but then it became the tarboosh :)
But the gcc countries traditional wearings remained 100% arabic

Salooh1435d ago

No wars , just bad governments that doesn't support their people. That's why you don't see our talents . Most arabs that make games travel to other countries. Their work doesn't show up in media because the amount of people that make the game is huge so ..

I for one study electrical engineering. If i go and do huge work in usa i won't get the credit to the public ( only people that know about that field will know me) because it's not my country. That's what i mean.

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Hoodaaction1436d ago Show
nope1111436d ago

Really awesome of Harada-san to seek player feedback.
I'm not a fan of Tekken but seeing this really makes me want to buy Tekken 7 out of respect.

ironfist921436d ago

That character design looks badass

Similarities to AC I have no problem with.

Hell, you could even give him an alternative costume which uses the AC robes.

Ezio himsefl was included in Bandai Namco's Soul Calibur so dont see why not.

nope1111436d ago

LOL yeah, i'm waiting for a pair of hidden blades to pop out.

mafiahajeri1436d ago

As an arab I like the design, he needs longer hair though much longer. He said for an Arabic fighter long hair is not the norm maybe nowadays in the army here you need to pretty much be bald when your in camp, but this is tekken a fictional universe. In the past our hair was long and this is a fictional fighter so he should have long hair. Heck there's still a lot of people here with long hair, especially bedouins...

Also when you think about any fighter shouldn't have long hair, much easier to grab it and slit your throat...

MegaRay1436d ago

Now if more developers do this, we would of had Jak 4 long time ago :/

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