What We Want In: EA's GamesCom 2014 Showing

"Just when you thought the heat from E3 was simmering down and gaming news was set to settle down to a state of normality GamesCom 2014 comes along. Germany once again plays host to Europe’s largest gaming convention, one that is constantly growing in since and may in the upcoming years even surpass E3 in its presence. As we count down to the big event we count down five things that we want from EA in their GamesCom 2014 showing."

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mrpsychoticstalker1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

God of war, Gears of War. Enough said...

Gocatters17021468d ago

The article is about EA - not MS or Sony champ

Magicite1467d ago

you ever think before write?

bleedsoe9mm1468d ago

something better than they showed at E3

ZodTheRipper1468d ago

Everything is better than what they showed at E3, that conference was a disaster to say the least.

iamnsuperman1468d ago

So basically something. I can't even remember what they showed

ArnoDorian1468d ago

Hopefully its not a conference full of Sports games.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

If there is no Mirrors Edge 2, Battlefront, or ME4 then their conference irrelevant to me.

mananimal1468d ago

I want EA to crash and burn

signed, TROLL.

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