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HelenBaby writes : "Whether you pronounce it ‘game’ or ‘jee-eh-em-ee’ (well, perhaps the latter is just me…) you nevertheless must give the national video game chain store GAME credit. Surviving both the general demise of high street gaming outlets throughout the country in recent times and, indeed, it’s own death (delighting the zombie fans among the gaming community no doubt!) GAME still stands strong and proud among the various shopping districts across the nation. I’ve always been a big fan of GAME, appreciating it’s killer deals mixed with an enthusiastic community spirit on the shopfloor. Heck, it’s the only store I have a loyalty card for! I’ve also been blessed that the staff, both in my current local branch and my previous, are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. The remainder of this article will be a slightly bloggy discussion on why I love my local GAME (past and present) before inviting you, the reader, to share why you love your local branch".

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pompombrum1588d ago

Yes lets love the shop that killed the good one (gamestation) better yet lets love the fact they have terrible trade in prices and expensive preowned prices to the point where you can buy the game cheaper online brand new in most cases.

Honestly, it's great that someone out there actually likes the shop but lets be honest, GAME isn't really a great place to shop for smart shoppers and the general vibe in the shops is nowhere near on par with how gamestation was.

caseh1588d ago

Gamestation was only any good before it was bought out by GAME. After that the two stores painted a false illusion of competition yet they were practically identical except for the labelling used for prices.

pompombrum1588d ago

Gamestation still felt more welcoming to gamers... at first but slowly but surely it did change for the worst. The gamestation I'm referring to though was the one of say ten years ago.

tigertron1588d ago

I've always had bad experiences with GAME. They're a total rip off too and the fact that they went into administration proves that.

xer01588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Yep - same here.

The last time I walked into GAME outlet, the staff weren't welcoming at all.
It's as If some people feel they are to good to be in retail.


That's why I only shop from Amazon or John Lewis.

daBUSHwhaka1588d ago

GAME suck.Game centre are much better here in the UK.Almost 10-15 bucks saved a game purchase compared to GAME.They dont like giving much back for trade-ins either.

matt1391588d ago

Not if it costs me an extra £15 per game I won't. Amazon sell next gen games for £45 whereas GAME still charge the whopping £55 RRP!

I thought the website was expensive but it's still cheaper than their stores!