11 new The Last Remnant Xbox360 screenshots

11 new The Last Remnant Xbox360 screenshots

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Silogon3813d ago


What happened here? This looked way better before I thought.

kylegtheassman3813d ago

you can tell its not being played on a supercomputer

3813d ago
power of Green 3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I could post White Knight Story screenshots don't make post them exposing you nut cases double standards. I can also post FF13 gameplay screenshots that look no better than Lost Odyessy.

Mr Fancy Pants3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

come on pog, where are they?

Anyway these screens looks good to me...

PSMonster213813d ago

Ya pog you show them those screenshots. I just can't get enough of your posts. Im your #1 fan.

JVIDICAN3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

nice try with the low quality ff13 pics lol
especially funny is the fact that the footage is from 3 years ago try it again when new footage is available ;)

pumpkinpunker3813d ago

lol you see those screenshots.

Sony fanboys wtfpwned! They will deny it of course...just like they always make lame brained statements like the following--

"Yeah, Sony is out-selling xbox 25 to 1. Solid snake is the second coming of christ. MGS4 is the best game to ever come out in the universe including games created by aliens!!!! Sony can beat up the 360 in hand to hand combat because it is so powerful it is becoming a sentient being and growing arms..."

regardless, you guys can post your crap on N4G til the cows come home but you're still playing a gimped console that only about 7 million delusional people bought for games and the other 5 million bought for a blu-ray player. now, flame on all you want. It doesn't change reality.

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jvillan3813d ago

The Sony fanboys will say that these screenshots suck...

But if this game were on the Ps3 the same people will say that they don't suck...


yourmomsux3813d ago

the biggest damn sony fanboy on this site is kylegtheassman.

3813d ago
rhood0223813d ago

umm..this game IS on the PS3. It's a multiplat title.

kevin11223813d ago

your comment reminds me of happy gilmore, where shooter says to and grizzly adams had a beard to happy. and the other guy says grizzly adams does have a beard lol.

Tomdc3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

they dont seem that impressive to me... the edges of things all look blurred

but then again: Gameplay > Graphics

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yourmomsux3813d ago

it's just another Final Fantasy many more must we deal with before it stops?

Dannagar3813d ago

Yeah, Square Enix is ripping themselves off. However, it you think Final Fantasy was the first of it's kind, you're sadly mistaken.

KingME3813d ago

Is this game turn based combat or real time?

kylegtheassman3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

you can tell its not being played on a supercomputer

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