The Order: 1886 Developer Shows Humble Beginnings; "Forever grateful" to Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

Ready at Dawn is now working on The Order: 1886, one of the most anticipated PS4 titles of next year, and an AAA game with a large budget, developer by over 100 people.

Yet the studio started very small, as shown by co-founder and CTO Andrea Pessino.

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nidhogg1469d ago

hope the game does well. They did justice to the PSP and made great games there. It's just sad that Sony really pulled them off of handheld development for now. Who knows? we may get a Vita game from them too. Hopefully.

HeWhoWalks1469d ago

Not sad at all. Bigger market potential on console, for them.

Besides, you said you: "hope the game does well". It needs this team present to do so. :)

ZodTheRipper1469d ago

Agree, I prefer ambitious projects like The Order 1886 over any handheld title. I love my Vita but that reveal trailer made me forget all of that love pretty quickly.

ZombieGamerMan1469d ago

Returning to handhelds would be a step down for them this is their big chance not only to show them people they can make console games but to also get bought by Sony and have steady work as a PS4 developer

Strange_Evil1468d ago

I actually like the fact that they moved on to the PS4. They can achieve their full potential on the PS4 as opposed to developing for the Vita. Like it or not, they would never have much success on the Vita regardless of the quality of the game. They would sell less than a million copies and would have to work with 'limited' hardware. Their Vita games wouldn't even catch the eyes of many journalists let alone users. On the PS4 at least they have a huge market and new technology to work with.

Put yourself in the developers shoes and ask yourself what would you prefer to develop for? A handheld whose games hardly get any recognition or a console which is selling like hotcakes and has new hardware where you potential can shine.

TheFallenAngel1469d ago

They did an amazing job with god of war on psp. Both games were amazing specially Ghost of Sparta which is my 3rd favorite after GoW 3 and 2

mrpsychoticstalker1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I don't understand why they don't offer Mp. Can anyone explain that to me? I mean, I'm still going to buy this game, but it would make more sense if they offer Multiplayer


Thank you, I just feel like the setting fits perfectly for a multiplayer game that's all

pwnsause_returns1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

they want to completely focus the game soley on the single player i guess. if i where to make an opinionated guess, isnt RAD a small studio? this is their first big console game after all. maybe it has to do with that.

reko1469d ago


Not falling for your Shit bruh.

ziggurcat1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )


quit lying. you don't own a PS4, so you're not going to buy this game.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Lmao what a dumbass loser. I'm do sick and tired of these Xbox losers trying to pretend they own a Sony PS4 when they really don't.

OT- can't wait day 1 buy for me. The first few months on 2015 are gonna be awesome for PS4 with The Order 1886 and Bloodborne.

Sevir1468d ago

The power of the internet!!! LOL did he not think his lie would be discovered! LOL

Stalker you're a LIAR!!! and on the internet. just who are you trying to convince? I hope its yourself.

BiggerBoss1469d ago

What do you gain out of lying and trolling? In other articles you clearly state how you don't own OR want a Ps4, and you also talk smack on this game. Even if it had coop, you STILL wouldn't buy it. Just stop

OT: I personally think the game looks great and I can't wait to play it. The e3 lychen scene just got me even more pumped

DeadMansHand1469d ago

I weep for the future of humanity. You would make a great politician though.

Spotie1469d ago

I don't understand why you think you can fool anybody with this stuff.

DarkOcelet1469d ago

Why cant you stay out of the ps4 articles , stop troling and i think we all know you dont have a ps4 .

Rimeskeem1469d ago

They wanna see how well it does before they put extra resources into something that does not need it

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colonel1791469d ago

Sony should buy the studio already.

GundalfDeGrej1469d ago

This is RaDs first real chance to show what they can do. Let's see how that works out first.

All_Consoles1469d ago

I hope this game isn't too linear

Porcelain_Chicken1469d ago

DAMN! I accidentally hit disagree my bad, i meant to agree. (,_, ) Stupid virtual keyboard.

Anyways all of RaD's past games were pretty linear yet managed to be pretty darn good so i expect no less from this even if it is very linear. :D I'm getting the $150 collector's edition Day 1!

Minute Man 7211469d ago

Premium Edition for me day 1 also. With Arkham Knight, Dying Light and The Order coming out in Feb looks like I'll be broke that month

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The story is too old to be commented.