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New The Division Trailer Promises Xbox One Version at Gamescom; Shows Glimpses of Gameplay

Ubisoft released a new trailer of Tom Clancy’s: The Division promising to show the Xbox One version of the game for the first time next week at Gamescom. (PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

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Bigpappy  +   172d ago
Good. I would like to see some gameplay from the X1 version
gamerfan0909  +   172d ago
Didn't they show like 5 minutes of XB1 gameplay at E3?
Bigpappy  +   172d ago
I am not sure what version that was. I heard a lot of talk about it being less graphically appealing, but didn't hear any one saying it was because it was the X1 version. Usually people here would be quick to point that out even it was not the case.

Short answer: I don't know what version that was. But I read that they were still tweaking the game. Knowing this will be the X1 version will grab my attention as that's the version I would get if I decided to get another shooter.
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OpieWinston  +   172d ago
Yeah but this will be a "Live Demo"
All previous Division demos were pre recorded with the same team(Chris/Megan/Bronson)
VP37  +   172d ago
Yes...The Division gameplay showed at E3 was on an X1, but Gamescom is supposed to be live gameplay.
Kingdomcome247  +   172d ago
I, thought that the E3 demo was Xbox One footage as well, for some reason. The video said, "See Xbox One gameplay for the first time", so I guess that wasn't the case.
windblowsagain  +   171d ago
It was most likely the PC version.
Docknoss  +   171d ago
I read that the Xbox one is the developing lead platform for this game on reddit.
colonel179  +   172d ago
Microsoft seems like it'll be showing a lot of multiplatform games on their conference. Hopefully there will be more exclusives, besides Quantum Break.
user1439414  +   172d ago
I am VERY upset they are showing the inferior version of the game. Why not showcase the game on the most powerful console?
dcbronco  +   171d ago
Do you mean a PC running Mantle?
Fireseed  +   171d ago
You want graphical power but say "most powerful console"... Would you also like string theory explained to you by the smartest special ed student?
MELMAN26  +   171d ago
No...I don't want to see anymore of the of version.
poor_cus_of_games  +   171d ago
@dcbronco. Pc's are not consoles.
badboyz09  +   171d ago
Expect alot of Third-Party games to be dumped down.
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DarkOcelet  +   172d ago
Finally.. lets hope it looks better than the reveal gameplay trailer
Charybdis  +   172d ago
Agree also hoping that it will look better than the reveal trailer, would be silly to not hope that the game will look even better. Do however have my expectations set low after watch dog delays and downgrades.
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TheDrunkenJester  +   172d ago
I thought all the trailers they have shown have been beautiful, are you really expecting more?
DarkOcelet  +   171d ago
I know it looks beautiful but since it's delayed like driveclub why cant it be better ? I still think it might be , maybe i am a little optimistic :)
gamerfan0909  +   172d ago
I love those old school skill based shooters that required team work. Those rainbow six games were so excellent at employing that. Between this, Qunatum Break, and The Witcher make up my most anticipated games of 2014. Each game is bringing stuff I love about each genre and bringing it back to a huge scale.
jdiggitty  +   172d ago
None of the games you mentioned come out this year. Did you mean 2015?
Bonkerz  +   172d ago
This game looks fantastic, really loving everything about it. Cant wait to see what they show.
FlameHawk  +   172d ago
So wait.... what have they been showing since the release? The premiere was shown on Xbox's conference and the PC version was never announced so it was actually the PC version running....even though there was never a PC version to begin with.
Also this recent E3, was it also PC? Seriously wtf is going on.
TheDrunkenJester  +   172d ago
Everything they have shown to date has been x1, but they have been pre orchestrated. This will be the first time they show live game play on the x1.
FlameHawk  +   171d ago
What are you talking about? It says in the video, first even Xbox One footage, it doesn't say anything about it being "raw", just we'll see the first ever Xbox One footage, so tell me what have they been showing before?
starchild  +   171d ago
Uh...the PC version was announced a long time ago.
FlameHawk  +   171d ago
Umm, no when it was first announced it was only coming to PS4 and XBO until PC gamers begged for it, but for some reason I thought it was running on XBO and it was revealed on Xbox's conference but it actually was on Ubisofts conference. I guess the exclusive deals with Microsoft got me confused. But yeah it was actually running on PS4, they showed the controller when it was revealed.
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Harmy666  +   171d ago
Why is there not a bubble down for just "being stupid"
DarkOcelet  +   171d ago
Calm down man lol , be cool , you dont have to insult anybody .
Barnaby-Jones  +   172d ago
The X1 gets exclusive content doesn't it?
Tedakin  +   172d ago
MS has deals with Division, Witcher, Evolve and COD similar to Sony's deals with Destiny and Watch Dogs. That's why you only saw the games at MS' conference and vice versa.
lelo  +   172d ago
Other games yes, but not with the Witcher. The Witcher's developers already said they don't make exclusive DLC for any console or PC... if I'm not mistaken.
GasTankKiller  +   172d ago
I honestly could careless which system they show the game play on. I just want to see additional game play.

I can't remember but is the XB1 version getting exclusive content?
XStation  +   172d ago
Yeah they get the content first I think, or it may be exclusive only content... I can't remember, but it's one of those.
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BeatDizzle  +   172d ago
They get the content first, no exclusive content. The question is. How long do other platforms have to wait for the content?
BallsEye  +   172d ago
Same deal as sony on Destiny. Timed exclusive content.
GasTankKiller  +   171d ago
Let's hope its not 100 percent the same deal. The exclusive Destiny content is for one full year.
castillo  +   172d ago
Sweet can't wait to see this game and here more about it. Gamecom should be a cool watch.
IHassounah  +   172d ago
Guys who are asking if XB1 will get exclusive content , XB1 will get exclusive content (timed DLC I guess) and exclusive features (Kinect and SmartGlass features)
dansdooz  +   172d ago
I thought at e3 2014 it was running on xb1? At least when they showed it on stage during microsofts conference.
chikane  +   172d ago
Yes please let me drive the mazda rx8 when theirs a ferrari 458 next to it
typittt69  +   172d ago
You think that the Ps4 is that much more powerful than the xb1 don't you? Just buy both, compare 2 games and you'll see it's not as "black and white" as you think.
iistuii  +   172d ago
Yeah I agree. I've only a PS4 so far this gen but have access & have played on an Xbox One through all the exclusives & also a few multi's. I played COD Ghost & although I thought the AA was better on PS4 it actually seemed to run a lot better on the Xbox. As for games like Fifa, Madden etc there's no difference. Even played a few times on the Destiny Beta & would be hard pushed to tell the difference. I just don't know why people can't just enjoy both.
Septic  +   171d ago
Wow the superiority complex of some fanboys. And then they no doubt rip into Pc gamers for making light of the even more startling technical differences.
stripe814  +   172d ago
jeez even a trailer and first gameplay is timed exclusive with Microsoft..
mafiahajeri  +   172d ago
Goes to show how the xbox version is struggling they have to make an announcement trailer do the xbox version 2 + years from reveal
marlinfan10  +   172d ago
its a video to get people hyped about gamescom
Tedakin  +   172d ago
Wow you went to the edge of spinning and beyond.
TRD4L1fe  +   172d ago
did you pull that comment out of your ass cause man that makes no sense
quenomamen   172d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   172d ago
Uh didn't we already see Xbox One gameplay at E3 ? It was at MS conference.
Dlacy13g  +   172d ago
Not live gameplay
Harmy666  +   171d ago
Yeah, but this is LIVE gameplay. Should be cool!
poopstation  +   172d ago
If it was Playstation 4 it would look better.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   172d ago | Well said
I love PS and I would buy the PS4 version anytime over the Xbone version but your comment is unnecessary and give a wrong picture how PS gamers really are. We just want cool games like Xbone fans. As long as we have fun we can just play it and get along.
HacSawJimThugin  +   172d ago
Respect plus a bubble...we need more of this and less of that. Nice comment sir.
Mkai28  +   171d ago
Thank you..
Dread  +   171d ago

Well said. Respect
IC3_DEMON  +   168d ago
@ Poopstation

Your comment is correct. And it's nice to see the Xbone players finally acknowledging that their console is inferior.

Now they're trying to act all peaceful and say "... all we want is just cool games" and "...graphics are not everything...". But when the consoles first launched they were hardcore fanboys badmouthing PS4 and defending their all so holy cloud gaming, preaching that the Xbone was more powerful.
LogicalReason  +   172d ago
It will be interesting to see the Xbox One version and speculate what may change for the PS4 version or better yet the PC version.

I just really hope they keep the quality. The first E3 demo is by far one of the prettiest things I've ever seen in gaming. The last E3 demo was still impressive but seemed to lack that "Wow!" factor of the first. Maybe it was a little less detailed? Maybe it was the X1 version vs. PC for the first E3 version? Maybe it was just that level/area?

Either way...I hope the level of fidelity remains. I want disgustingly detailed levels in a game for once! Game play is still looking top notch. Can't wait to hop in with a friend or two and just go exploring.

Should be a blast and it's on the top of my list so far!
TimeSkipLuffy  +   172d ago
I actually looking more into this game now than into Destiny after I played the beta.
typittt69  +   172d ago
They wouldn't show the xbone version if it really did look like crap. I guess it does indeed look real good on the xb1. Microsoft has nothing to do with that game.
Dontworrybhappy  +   172d ago
Dooope! This game has been on my radar since e3 2013! Gamescom starts 12th right?
danny818  +   171d ago
Ummm o hope this games lives up to the hype! Was shown las year and it might be just the hype train ready to crash like watchdogs
Twiggy  +   171d ago
This'll be interesting.
VP37  +   171d ago
I'm more excited to see anything related to "The Division" at Gamescom than anything else. I'm really hoping this game turns out to be something that my friends and I can really dive deep into. If the graphics are even close to what they've shown so far, that will just be icing on the cake.
nades_all_night  +   171d ago
Please UBI, don't screw the pooch on this one. Im hoping that the Division will be "That" game for me. Ive been waiting since 2013, and have been nothing but patient. As long as they deliver a quality game, with deep multiplayer, I will be happy. Anything more from UBI and I will completely be surprised.
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marcofdeath  +   171d ago
All my dreams are coming true! $1.3 billion V.S. 3.2 billion.
XB1 is more powerful than PS4. Forza 5 was the start.
Software (SDKs) is catching up with the hardware.
Quantum Break is next.....
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imt558  +   171d ago
Say hello to your boss MisterX. Greetings from N4G.

I don't see Subsurface scattering here :


You're expertise for lightning, right? I see that SDK pushed Metro Redux.
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ziggurcat  +   171d ago

"XB1 is more powerful than PS4"

no, it's not.

"Forza 5 was the start."

the start of what? they had to downgrade the living daylights out of that game in order to get it to where it's at.


"Software (SDKs) is catching up with the hardware."

you're probably right there, but it's not going to close the gap like you think i's going to do (or do you believe that sony isn't going to optimize their own SDK?).
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