Capcom: PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Is an Ambitious Title; Free to Play Model “Worth Challenging”

During the conference call related to the financial results for fiscal year 2014, Capcom mentioned the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down and its free to play business model, explaining that while there’s little precedent, it’s a venue worth exploring.

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LightDiego1508d ago

This game looks great, but i'm still worried about the fact that is a f2p by Capcom. At the same time, i have high expectations because of Dragon's Dogma, this game is amazing, probably the best game of Capcom recently.

JackOfAllBlades1508d ago

I can't wait to try this game out, it looks beautiful

anwe1508d ago

f2p, paid title, either way capcom is going to nickle and dime you for all you’re worth if you let them. Its just what they do unfortunately.

Having said that, I'm still looking forward to this title.

KonsoruMasuta1508d ago

The game looks amazing, I admit it.

I'm still worried about how Capcom will choose to go about the micro transactions though. I honestly would have preferred a Dragon's Dogma 2.

NovusTerminus1508d ago

Dogma 2 is likely still coming, seeing how Itsuno has no part in Deep Down, and they play nothing the same.

Itsuno even said it would be awhile before we heard from Dogma again.

camel_toad1508d ago

Im looking forward to Deep Down but the more time that passes since I last played Dragons Dogma the more I realize how much I liked it. I would love to see something on the sequel.

Muzikguy1508d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a great game by Capcom. Mainly because they've gone so far downhill they really can't fall more IMO. I don't like the f2p model. I hope that part doesn't ruin it

DarkOcelet1508d ago

They should have made that a full retail game other than f2p but it looks good , i hope they dont exploit the microtransactions .

XtraTrstrL1508d ago

"However “Deep Down,” which we are developing internally, by the basic nature of being free, comes with the big benefit of the opportunity to attract new players on a new platform."

It sounds nice, but their way of attempting to attract new players has always ruined games. I have no faith in Crapcom, when it comes to a f2p. There's no way they'll avoid pay-2-win micros, or as they like to call it - pay-4-advantage systems.

The game still looks nice, though nowhere near the original trailer's quality. It was also a big disappointment to me when I found out it was isolated dungeons you are going to, rather than an open-world MMO like Dragon's Dogma with multiplayer included. The procedural nature of the dungeons can help, if it's intricate enough, but I'll still give it a chance ofcourse, since it is free. Whenever it does come to the west.

DFogz1508d ago

Speaking of the isolated dungeons, the last I heard anything about this game it was that they planned on selling weapons/armor that is tied to only one specific dungeon each. Meaning you could use whatever you bought only in one area, before having to buy something else for the next dungeon.

That dropped it right off my radar.

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The story is too old to be commented.