10 Ways Grand Theft Auto Lied To Us

WC: One of the oldest, and most consistent offenders is Grand Theft Auto. The crime ‘em up has been raging since 1997, and to keep us coming back for me, they’ve told a little white lie or two across the years. Some of them are quite egregious.

Here are the top 10 times that GTA has set its own pants on fire and deceived us.

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AngelicIceDiamond1472d ago

It amazes me R* gets away with false advertisement showing off heists in those trailers when heists were never planned to begin with.

user14394141472d ago

I was so upset when the game come out and GTA online was delayed. Then they delayed the heists and that upset me even more. But the one that upset me the most was spending 2 weeks upgrading my character buying a house and cars and then my character being completely deleted from the servers. I hope this is all fixed for the PS4 version. :)

BiggerBoss1472d ago

Agreed, if Sony can get sued over resolution, why can't Rockstar get sued over lying about a MAJOR feature of the game? It's been almost a year since the game released. Get it together Rockstar

Derekvinyard131472d ago

This list is horrible besides heists this list is so stupid

ScottyHoss1471d ago

Agreed, it should just be called "heists still missing in GTA V, author b*****s about nothing important", but seriously Rockstar should have to pay for their lie.

showtimefolks1471d ago

I don't buy GTA games to play online, GTA is and always will be about single p[layer story and amazing missions. Yes R* should have tried to better communicate but i don't think GTA online was a one time project

In a way this is R* testing to see where future GTA games will go with their online modes/gameplay

People have every right to be pissed but we got 60-100 hours of gameplay out of our $60 so i am pretty sure we already got out money's worth. whenever GTA Online launches it is just an added bonus

also people have this these Ideas of what GTA Online heists would be like, i say keep your expections low, it won't be as awesome as we have thought of it in our heads

3-4-51471d ago

Most disappointing game last gen for me was GTA5.

Never been so hyped and then so let down.

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iamnsuperman1472d ago

That speed one is interesting. I don't understand why they did that. Also the heist one is rather annoying. Why announce something that clearly was no where near ready.

The map size one is interesting as it implies to all open world games. Due to how size and measurements in general is merely down to perception there is very little way of telling how big a map is (especially compared to others). Speed of travel can make a map seem larger than it actually is.

Randostar1472d ago

Lol, yeah heists were scraped months ago, or they have been ready for months and there just holding out on us.
It couldn't be the fact that trying to do this on the old Hardware is difficult. I mean GTA:O crashes around 40% of the time i play it, and i know i'm not the only one. Maybe they can't get these things the way they want them to be without shit crashing left and right. Did R* exaggerate about some things? YES. Did they flat out lie to people, and are continung to lie to people just to get them to keep playing GTA:O? I really dont think so, R* already has everybody's money. They really dont need to lie to get more, lol.

The_Eternal_one1472d ago

That's it I've had enough I'm suing!

Scrivlar1471d ago

Still an absolutely outstanding game! Definitely in my top 10 favourites, top 5 at a push

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