8 Video Game Console Design Flaws That Made Us Rage

WC: Buying a new console has the power to make grown men and women feel like a kid on Christmas morning. We anxiously wait for a big box to get delivered by the postman (who better not be late on today of all days), we savour that ‘new’ smell when we open it before hastily setting everything up and turning on our new toy for the first time.

There are so many questions racing through our minds at this moment: what will the first boot screen look like? Will it be as awesome as everyone says? Will the mind-blowing graphics melt our retinas? Wait – why isn’t it doing anything? And what’s that burning smell?

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8. Nintendo 64 – Loose Analog Stick
7. Nintendo 3DS – Ridges Scratched The Top Screen
6. Sony PlayStation – Overheating / Laser Issues
5. Nintendo Wii U – Poor Controller Battery Life
4. Sony PlayStation 2 – Disc Read Errors
3. NES – Dodgy Cartridge Slot
2. Game Boy Advance – No Backlight
1. Xbox 360 – Red Ring Of Death