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"The rarity of a game's defining feature being its characters is reason enough to celebrate which may explain why we're seeing a gussied-up special edition so soon after its original release. This is a game which features vast city ruins reclaimed by nature, horrific zombies with mushrooms growing out of their heads and intense shootouts with heartless bandits yet the most memorable moments are the small bits of character building in between the action. Addiction here doesn't come in the form of "I'll put the controller down after I kill one more horde of zombies!" but rather as "I'll put the controller down once I witness the next intimate moment that will further this character's arc."

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P_Bomb1465d ago

The Wpg Free Press on N4G? Color me surprised. Unfortunately this isn't a review so much as a john carpenter fanwank. Count how many times he talks about how John Carpenter once said "frustrating gameplay". Writer has no opinion of his own. Why is the gameplay frustrating? He never says.

What he does say is making a sound vs the infected is "instant death". I've bludgeoned/firebombed and eeked out victories from the jaws of defeat from many grabby close encounters that started out as stealth. The very first clicker nest in the collapsed building can be Rambo'd or stealthed. That's part of what makes the gameplay satisfying. He also didn't mention the added left behind DLC which introduced a new gameplay mechanic, hunter vs infected distractions. Letting your enemies kill themselves. I guess cuz john carpenter never played it either.

DisgracedCop1464d ago

Hey P_Bomb,

It's the writer of the review here.

I don't usually respond to my N4G comments but yours is far more articulate than what I usually receive and I think you bring up some interesting points which I'd like to address.

When I'm writing a review, I don't typically like to get into the minutia of gameplay. I don't think it's particularly interesting to write or read about and, especially with a 500-word limit, I don't really have to space to do it even if I wanted to. There are tons of reviews out there which get into the workings of a game in a very literal and mechanical way so I wouldn't be adding much anyway.

Instead, I simply try to find an approach to each review which gets me excited about wanting to write it. In this case, the angle which grabbed me the most was John Carpenter. He's a master of character-based horror, regardless of medium, so to me his opinion of a character-based horror story like The Last of Us means an awful lot. I happen to agree completely with his sentiments as well -- it's the characters which makes this game great not the gameplay -- so bringing him and his quote into the review is a nice jumping off point for me to get into talking about character arcs and the like. It also lets me namedrop Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Thanks for checking out the review!