10 Ridiculous Final Fantasy Things We Just Had To Go With

Surprisingly, Final Fantasy XIII doesn't make up every entry on this list.

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Bansai1443d ago

Final Fantasy XIII is not a FF in my book so it's not surprising to me.

Kurisu1443d ago

Felt more of a Final Fantasy to me than XII did.

Dante811443d ago

XII was fantastic, and I'm glad they changed it up after X.

SirBradders1443d ago

It's a bit hypocritical calling 13 a final fantasy with 2 sequels don't you think?

levian1443d ago

XII had every single FF element you could ask for. The story was different than you'd expect but it was still solid. The combat was literally the exact same as any of the turn based games, except you could walk around.

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DCfan1443d ago

Its still a great game.

MRMagoo1231443d ago

Except it's not, it's not even a good game even if you pretend it's not a final fantasy.

trenso11443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

@MrMagoo oh shut up even when final fantasy games have elements from other great titles, you people still wont acknowledge them. Like final fantasy type-0 has a world map, two airships even chocobo breeding. But because it isn't turned based a lot write it off as not being "final fantasy" even though it uses a more refined version of crisis core's battle system, and i have never once seen anyone call that game non-final fantasy.

sinspirit1442d ago


He didn't say FF13 wasn't Final Fantasy. He said even if you set it apart as a different game it still isn't good on it's own, and I agree just because of how linear, repetitive, cliche, and milked the franchise is. It's like a generic big budget anime.

HmongAmerican1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I want FF12 remaster version already. FF X/X-2 HD remastered was great. Just that some bosses can be brutal, especially the extra bosses. Which is why the people that grew up with them loves the challenge. Me personally, I love the monsters designed which why I kept coming back to the series.

contradictory1443d ago

FF12 looks amazing when emulated on PC
and it supports widescreen option internally

it's beautiful ;_;
but yeah, in general i think most people would appreciate HD Remaster of FF12
especially because PS2 emulation requires a bit of punching power

LAWSON721442d ago

PS2 is easy to emulate if you got a half decent dedicated GPU. The problem is the graphical errors that come with the jump in visuals.

contradictory1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


yup. but most people who play on consoles
atleast the ones i know haven't got half decent GPU's on their PC -_-;

Paprika1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Final fantasy xiii deserves more credit than it gets, its a beautiful game with a great soundtrack. Its literally the king of making tunnel syndrome, aka corridor environments seem interesting! Not one area of xiii did I dread. It was an 8/10 game. An average cast, average in scope but perfectly crafted story. It just needed more fine tuning, more freedom in the battle system, coming from the epic gambit system to auto everything was poor.

Final fantasy xii remaster will be my fave Ff title remastered!

Spotie1443d ago

I agree. I think people just don't want to accept the game because it's not what they wanted it to be. Admittedly, it's not my favorite, but it's not the abomination many try to portray it as.

Paprika1443d ago

Exactly :) its a decent 8/10 game. I'd argue its impossible to rate it less than 7/10 simply because it does many things right, but does just enough wrong to not live up to the hype of final fantasy.

Call the game Fabula Nova or something and disregard it as a final fantasy. And its fine. Tales of xillia, ni no kuni and others are just as linear and arguably worse stories, yet they receive far less scrutiny! I enjoyed all these games, but rate ffxiii above them!

FayZ_1443d ago

a remake of FFVII would make my life complete.

scark921443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

That would be great!

scark921443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

It is in very high demand so I will defo guess it will come at somepoint. (Double commented by accident and could not delete so I just made a diff comment xD )

contradictory1443d ago

i still would prefer a remaster rather than a full remake
it's a whole different breed of game from the FF's we have these days

and i DON'T want FF7 with battle system from FF13
the question is whether Squenix is even capable of doing a good JRPG at this point. and i have to admit that i've really got 0 trust in them at this point...

Silicon Studios made a JRPG that's more Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy has been in the last generation

Pozzle1443d ago

I'll just be happy with a FFVII HD remaster (preferably with FFVIII and FFIX bundled with it)

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breakpad1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

the article is written by stupid person or someone who simply dont like games ..any game not only FF hating coridors of FF , world Map,SUper companions like summons and beatifull fantasy weapons and other stuff this guy probably plays only Fifa and Cod games (or Halo games) go back to your hole and play this shit gengre which is called COD games and leave the rest to us who generally like Final Fantasy and fantasies from all games..Corridors , artistic weapons and fiction creatures that are either enemy or friends are features included in all RPGs and games that you r not just holding and M4 and running around farting wiht your weapon iron sights

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