Destiny Limited Edition back in stock for all platforms, Xbox 360 Ghost Edition available

Destiny Limited Edition back in stock for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Destiny Ghost Edition is available too for Xbox 360.

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Yo Mama1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Thank the Jesus! I just ordered my gf another limited edition. Best Buy cancelled hers the other day. Now, maybe she will stop whining.

EDIT: At the disagree, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't even have a gf.

rogimusprime1140d ago

Amazon is out, but gamestop still has them. For PS4. You'll have to wait though....doesn't ship till 9/9, according to the site.

I'll just order it through PSN...

GuardiansOfTheGalaxy1140d ago

Gamestop website says they're sold out.

greenlantern28141140d ago

No gamestop sold out again. In my area anyways, and online. I got a call earlier this week from them they said they had them. But 2 hours later when I got off work they where gone. Just gonna download the guardian edition off psn.

GasTankKiller1140d ago

These will be gone in a matter of minutes. Already got my Digital Guardian Edition so I'm good.

HacSawJimThugin1140d ago

Paid of my digital copy yesterday for Xbox One via GameStop and the employees spent a good 15 -20 minutes trying to talk me into buying the physical disc over the digital copy because trade in. I told them that this gen is all about digital for me and they laughed. I laughed back and stated that I don't trade in games and it grew silent soon after. In fact that ask if I need help with anything else and wanted no more to do with me lol. Bring on September!!!!

GasTankKiller1140d ago

Destiny is an online only game so physical is really meaningless. Well unless you got a collector's edition. Those GS employees shouldn't care which version you purchase. A sale's a sale regardless.

I'm trying to go 99% digital with next-gen. The convenience of digital is awesome.

gamerfan09091140d ago

They care because they have to pay a percentage back to the publishers for each sale when people buy new. If people trade in their discs for like 30 to 40 dollars cheaper than what they paid for the new copy and Gamestop can sell Destiny for 55 bucks and get 100 percent profit for it, then it's worth it for them.

gamerfan09091140d ago

A buddy of mine used to work at gamestop and that's common practice man. They will push those physical discs and used games so hard to the point they'll push it over new games. Their entire business revolves around used game sales because they make 100 percent profit off of them.

Letthewookiewin1140d ago

Im pretty much all digital also. When Im thinking about a game I want to play its so much nicer to simply browse from the couch :)

ScottyHoss1140d ago

Yeah man its the best! And as long as you know your PSN and digital choose sales it's cheaper, easier and more convenient :D just rebought Battlefield 4 for $29.79, sold the disc for $35, got it for $20 when the console first launched, and I can proudly say I'm now 100% digital.

greenlantern28141140d ago

Why even involve Game stop then just buy of XBL, or do they not have day1 digital?

HacSawJimThugin1140d ago

I put don't half to get into the beta and went there to get a play and charge kit...Two birds with one stone kinda deal. Plus there are some sexy ass girls that work at this particular gamestop. In the future tho, I plan on using the marketplace for all things digital.

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TimidPixel1140d ago

Glad more people have the opportunity to get the edition they want, however they will probably run out fast. This game seems to be selling more than expected.

GamingSinceThe80s1140d ago

Now we know where all BestBuys copy's

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