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How to fix The Last of Us Remastered Error Code CE-36244-9, CE-32920-6 and CE-34878-0

Its been a while since The Last of Us Remastered has launched and gamers all over are facing various issues while playing the most anticipated games of all time. Here is a guide on how to fix The Last of Us Remastered CE-36244-9, CE-32920-6 and CE-34878-0 Error Codes. (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

EvilWay  +   473d ago
Easy fix = play it on your ps3

Razputin  +   473d ago
Why the hell is your solution to play the inferior version. But both have problems.

So even on the PS4 this game is having problems?

I am buying a PS4 and have deliberately stopped trying to play The Last of Us on my PS3 because its a hassle.

Most of the time the game doesn't load at all in the beginning or gets stuck in a loop trying to load.

I'm getting the White PS4 Destiny bundle, but this is a real bummer. I hope nothing goes wrong.
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EvilWay  +   473d ago
obviously you don't know what /s means.

Also, the PS3 version is not inferior it is basically the same with slightly worse grsphics
FullmetalRoyale  +   473d ago
/s Does not mean being facetious, which you were. Google the definition of sarcasm and facetious, and come tell me which one you were being.

I'll wait.
Chuk5  +   473d ago
With Remastered I finally get to experience the game, I'm coming to the end of winter and man, this really is one of the best games of the last generation. Hell, it's the best exclusive of last gen.
Letthewookiewin  +   473d ago
What is this? Ive beat it twice and have 11 hours in MP and havnt come across this.
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Randostar  +   473d ago
Me either.
(Knock's on wood)
lolosgolos  +   473d ago
This is an excellent game now overshadowed with bug stories. Corrie Yu
Avenger411  +   473d ago
Haven't experienced a single bug!
Dynasty2021  +   473d ago
Oh dear ND.

Not gods after all. The game isn't even constant 60 FPS proven by Digital Foundry.

It's of course amazing, just not what it was hyped to be. The 60 FPS was a lie.
LordMaim  +   472d ago
Wow. Talk about making mountains out of molehills. Digital Foundry said that there were occasional dips, "but the experience is predominantly on the 60fps line".

Having just completed my Survivor+ run, I can say that the game is fluid enough to give my girlfriend motion sickness from watching it. It looks phenomenal.
EinRobot  +   472d ago
I have not encountered this, must be the jealous Ms camp trying to downplay an amazing game.
Kiwi66  +   472d ago
Why do you assume its the xbox camp behind this when more than likely its from people that own a ps4 and who came across these errors as if as you say its the xbox camp how would they know about the errors if they haven't played the game maybe you should use some logic next time

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