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Submitted by TheTechNuke 475d ago | opinion piece

3 reasons why Destiny might be the game of the year

Everyone has been anxiously waiting for Destiny and you probably are thinking why? So find out here now. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

JeremyKyle   476d ago | Spam
iamnsuperman  +   476d ago
The biggest reason: what else is there? I am not a fan of that type of genre but Density seems the only title in the running for game of the year.
FamilyGuy  +   475d ago
LittleBigPlanet 3
Project Spark
Fable Legends
Sunset Overdrive
Super Smash Bros. Wii u
There are tons of smaller games or even free to play games that might qualify as well.

Destiny will likely be MY game of the year though.

Has it been established that The Last of Us Remastered and GTA V are not allowed to compete because they originally came out last year?
iamnsuperman  +   475d ago
I definitely don't see Fable, DriveClub, SSB, Project Spark nor LittleBigPlanet 3 getting the title from various reasons such as poor E3 showing to that genre always been overlooked. Also I think it is safe to assume remasters won't get nominated (especially when they have been released last year)

I also don't think Sunset Overdrive will be in the running either similar to how AC Unity won't be. AC might be a good game but it will never be GOTY. The only game I see as a contender is Destiny.
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FamilyGuy  +   475d ago
Well I was just labeling other possibilities, fat-fetched as they may seem we really don't know how great a game will be until it's actually released.
Scark92  +   475d ago
LBP3 is already my game of the year :D It is one of my favorite games.
LightDiego  +   475d ago
Just my guess: Dark Souls 2, Mario Kart 8, Shovel Knight, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, LBP 3 and Super Smash Brothers. New Civilization maybe too?
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joab777  +   475d ago
Maybe TLoU, GTA5, or Dragon Age, but that's it. Destiny will win thought b/c even though we got a taste of the game in beta, the endgame is gonna be epic. It's ability to hook ppl w/ loot, PvP, and endless grinding will definite give it longevity. Add Bungee name and their almost perfect combat and it will be critically acclaimed as well as make a ton of money.
ZodTheRipper  +   475d ago
There are quite a few good games coming out this year but I feel like Destiny is going to surprise many. Do you really think the full game will be like the Beta, just longer? I for one can't wait to level up to 20+, customize my character and play the endgame content. I'm expecting at least 50 hours of fun from Destiny and I can imagine it offering even more.
Scatpants  +   475d ago
Don't forget Infamous, although I would pick Destiny over it most likely, it is definitely in the top 5 for this year.
ABizzel1  +   475d ago
Many sites already said they won't include TLoU and GTA5 in their GOTY awards, although they might still win for best game on their platform.

That being said Assassins Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, LBP3, Dark Souls 2, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros., Shovel Knight, and maybe Halo: MCC (although this should be in the same boat as GTA and TLoU IMO), Dragon Age and more are all viable contenders as well.

What Destiny has going for it is that it's "new" and ambitious in scale. It's definitely not my GOTY, but I can see why it could be for others.
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FullmetalRoyale  +   475d ago
Also Far Cry 4. I won't be getting it until down the road, but it most certainly will be a contender.
Hellsvacancy  +   475d ago
The Walking Dead Season 2 maybe? to my surprise i'm really enjoying it, probably more than I did the first series, I was VERY sceptical to begin with, I kinda even hated on the game without playing it "no way can I be as good as the original"

I'm not saying it will win goty (again) but it could easily be a contender
Scatpants  +   475d ago
I like it, but I think season 1 was better so far. All of the chapters seem really short this season.
Agent2009  +   475d ago
Let's not forget about The Wolf Among Us.
FullmetalRoyale  +   475d ago
Roccetarius  +   475d ago
It only needs one, and that's Activision giving sites a little ''extra''.

I would say Divinity: Original Sin is a contender.
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Myze  +   475d ago
Was gonna reply to the first post, then saw this. Glad someone mentioned D:OS, as it is, in my opinion, by far the game of the year so far.

I'm really looking forward to Destiny, and I don't doubt it will be in the running for GotY, but we will have to see how it all comes together.
Farmassy  +   475d ago
am I the only one that was not impressed by the beta? It doesn't really do anything new. It seemed like a generic game dressed up to look fresh.

I was also really let down by the multiplayer. I was just expecting a much better game. This game was nothing special to me.

I will still by it because there will be nothing else to play for a little while. Hopefully it will surprise me but if the beta is a good indication of what is to come, I am not impressed.
LAWSON72  +   475d ago
Don't worry sir you are not alone.

I thought the campaign missions felt uninspired and lame. It was like Halo enemy drops meet mindless MMO quests.

The gameplay was fun and reminded me of Borderlands, but IMO it is not that great for PvP. It lacks class variety and importance like in an MMO, and guns were flat out identical to each other accept some have certain effects. Yes I realize Bungie has said you get a bunch of cool stuff post max lv but is that any reason the gun/equipment variety has to be a snorefest until then.

PvP was unbalanced and it felt like a mindless CoD. (kills me people call it a better Halo)

I am buying this game because

1) I am tired of only playing BF with friends and despite being kind of lame I had a blast with friends while playing it just like most games, co-op can make a bad game fun. For example me and a friend have been having a blast with Crimson Dragon

2) I really want to believe Bungie still has talent, but I have doubts so my curiousity needs to see the final product.
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Scatpants  +   475d ago
If you watch the video IGN posted of someone playing a level 29 character it looks like the gun/equipment diversity looks better at higher levels.
GW212  +   475d ago
I've played a fair amount of halo. It's pretty damn similar in terms of mechanics.
XBLSkull  +   474d ago
I agree the PvP was very underwhelming, not nearly the caliber Halo multiplayer is. Though I think Halo is designed with multiplayer as priority, where this game PvP is the "other" mode, or second priority. That fine with me though, I only wanna do the questing anyways, gonna have the Master Chief Collection to play, which is totally epic. 100+ maps spanning 4 games all interfaced seamlessly - bungie, you've been outdone lol. Thanks for passing the torch
Trovalli  +   475d ago
100% agree. I was not impressed.

The multiplayer feels exactly like Halo, which bothers me seeing as halo is 10 years old.
LAWSON72  +   475d ago
No it does not. I have played Halo for years and the game feels hardly anything like Halo. Also nothing is wrong with Halos mechanics. I will never understand how anybody could say it plays like Halo the only common thing between the two I noticed was player weight/gravity but that is about it. As for the MP they have literally nothing in common. IMO it felt like a mindless match of CoD
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Farmassy  +   475d ago
I don't think the multiplayer felt like halo. Instead, it felt like a generic shooter. It was similar to call of duty with some aspects of halo. The guns just didn't have any weight behind them and the multiplayer just seemed like it wasn't anything special.
FullmetalRoyale  +   475d ago

Literally huh? You use literally, yet you had already mention one(or two) thing(s) that they have in common.

Yet they are "literally" nothing alike?

You are literally uneducated.
Palitera  +   475d ago
1. Delays.
2. Remasters.
3. Annual franchises.
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JWiLL552  +   474d ago
Also a sequel but not annual...I really think Far Cry 4 will be the top contender if it lives up to it's potential.

Looks spectacular so far and has some interesting ideas re: multiplayer/co-op.
Jag-T1000  +   475d ago
I will wait until someone sells it for less than $40. Maybe I'll bite when it hits $30. Hopefully on black Friday. Since this game is online only, the game is never "truly yours".
crusf  +   475d ago
What are you talking about? You buy the game and all the data on the disc that comes with it regardless if it's online only. By your definition your also saying all MMO's are never truly ours and that's just absurd.
Battlefieldlover  +   475d ago
I think you're confused about how the online in this game works. If you wanted you could play the whole thing alone....offline.

disagreeing with crusf who is correcting you is a bit childish don't you think?
Jag-T1000  +   475d ago
So... if I turn of my Wi-Fi, I'll still be able to play it? Can anybody else confirm this?
Legend  +   474d ago
No you can't. The game requires you to be signed into Bungie's servers at all times in order to play. - one of many sources
Battlefieldlover  +   474d ago
pretty sure. I wish i had some article for ya.
DarkOcelet  +   475d ago
There is alot of good games coming , DA inqusition , the evil within , shadow of mordor , far cry 4 , Unity , and much more so i dont think it will be goty .
LAWSON72  +   475d ago

All those games could end up being awful yet you call them good. The evil within and Shadow of Mordor in particular have a lot to prove. If ACU truly improves upon the series and FC4 expands upon things to do in its world both could very well be GOTY contenders.
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blackout  +   475d ago
FC4 may be a beast of a game.
DarkOcelet  +   475d ago
So does this game only difference , one is hyped so does much and the other isnt so actually destiny is the game that has alot to prove .
LAWSON72  +   474d ago
Well dark ocelot I was not talking about Destiny but yes you are correct about that. Just pointing out running around and calling games good before you play them is not wise.
blackout  +   475d ago
I really can't believe Destiny could be game of the year. I played the Beta and did not feel this game was GAME OF THE YEAR worthy. Hype is hype and that is what i feel this game is. There is nothing in this any hard core gamer hasn't played before. TLOU is much deserved but this game is a step in the wrong direction. If you have played Halo then you have played Destiny.
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crusf  +   475d ago
Destiny isn't Halo people. Just because it's made by Bungie doesn't mean it will play the same. Seamless matchmaking, Free Roam on multiple planets,Tons of loot,Three classes to choose from,Peter Dinklage .etc need a I say more? The only thing similar to Halo is the Crucible but even that feels different.
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blackout  +   475d ago
Feel of the game is the same as Halo / Boarderlands. Nothing original about Destiny.
Battlefieldlover  +   475d ago
Who in the hell ever said you have to be original? Please educate us on your game library so i can see what "original" looks like.

You don't have to be first, you just have to do it better. You're sadily in the minority who thinks Bungie isn't doing it. You're right blackout, Destiny=lame,stupid,boring. You'd obviuosly know, you played a hole 10% of the game so really you're the authorityon the issue.
Muzikguy  +   475d ago
I feel like I've read this before. Like a dozen times :/
fullmetal297  +   475d ago
I think Destiny will be the most played game of 2014, at least in my mind. It has all the potential to becoming one: the developers, the publishers, the ad department, and most importantly the gameplay.
Humanbean74  +   474d ago
More like Game of the end of the year!
DCfan  +   474d ago
ChronoPhantasma is the game of the year.
JeffGUNZ  +   474d ago
If they actually support it daily and continue to add events and special missions, hands down it's in the discussion for the best game. I absolutely loved the beta, I am so pumped for this game it's silly.
Tdmd  +   474d ago
Dark Souls 2 is my goty this time! Having so much fun with it!

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