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An Encore For Rockband

Goldfish Wrote: Tom, thank you so much for hosting such an event. Nolan, thanks for inviting me. Brian, Ross, you guys are awesome! Thanks for inspiring me at an impasse where I felt I needed to give up what I love to grow up. Most of my dearest memories in gaming were at geek parties where we sit around and play Rockband and it sounds silly to think. But Rockband has really played a fair set in my life and I wanted to take the time clink glasses to say cheers to its community. (Culture, PS3, Xbox 360)

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iistuii  +   354d ago
Ah Rockband. I spent an absolute fortune on the games, add ons & DLC. A great fun game, brilliant coop.
Codewow  +   354d ago
Still playing Rockband 3 to this day...Play and own all of the Rockband titles. Hundreds of dollars on DLC. Game is still amazingly enjoyable. It got me into drumming.
JackBNimble  +   354d ago
it got me into rocksmith.
Codewow  +   354d ago
Same here. Not too long ago I picked it up just to learn some basics on guitar and to my surprise it's actually quite useful and fun!
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iistuii  +   353d ago
Yeah I bought the ION Drum rocker & as I can play drums anyway it's scary on expert how close it is to the real thing.
Codewow  +   352d ago
That's what I ended up doing. Spent a long time playing them. I need to get a midi converter to use it for real.
Spotie  +   354d ago
We need a new one, haters be damned!

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