Skara's Xbox One Internal Build Took Only 20 Minutes To Port,Tests Are 'Encouraging' For 1080p/60fps

Commercial Director of Skara: The Blade Remains, Cesar Ortega on how the Xbox One version is shaping up.

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Ausbo1503d ago

That's quite impressive.

DLConspiracy1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Watch there will be an article how it only takes 19 mins and 37 seconds to port the game to PS4. The comments will light up with how Xbox takes forever to port to....

1503d ago
SniperControl1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )


Lol, somebody needs to read the article before posting, i can tell you just read the headline and commented.

Edit: his comment got spammed.

LAWSON721503d ago

Sounds like a productive 20 minutes,lol

2cents1503d ago

Presses enter button... Scratches arse for 20 mins while code crunches through sdk...

Hey guys!!! Its working!!!

Wow, how did you do that so quickly?

Well... You see it was quite difficult, I first had to...


MSBAUSTX1503d ago

I love how two idiots disagreed with you. Haters. This was definitely 20 minutes well spent.

XStation1503d ago

"We were able to port an internal build of Skara for Xbox One in less than 20 minutes, so we are dying to go deep with both systems."

That's fast...

bleedsoe9mm1503d ago

change file from .pc to .xb1 lol

AngelicIceDiamond1503d ago

That is very fast.

How long do you think it took PS3 and 360 to port a game like this?

Volkama1503d ago

20mins work? What, did he take a few minutes out for coffee or something? That's 4 minutes more than dice spent on the retail candidate of bf4!

Push it onto the marketplace already, it'll do.

HaveAll31503d ago

Good to see some positive comments about Xbox one.

LAWSON721503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

You got a disagree lol. How dare they have good news for the Xbone, this is N4G we do not accept such blasphemy

700p1503d ago

Yeah i realized everytime i say something positive about xbox i get disagrees. I find it hilarious though. :)

1503d ago
bleedsoe9mm1503d ago

not the first dev to say porting to the xb1 is incredibly easy , some have said its much faster and easier to do than the ps4 .

1503d ago
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