O’Gallagher Officially Leaves EA SPORTS & Joins 2K Sports

GoodGameBro writes, "Back in June, we reported that Scott O’Gallagher had left EA SPORTS for 2K Sports. It was a shocking move, as it was at a rather crucial part of development for both NBA Live 15 & NBA 2K15. We haven’t received direct confirmation from either company, but O’Gallagher has indirectly confirmed his employment on Twitter."

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Dlacy13g1473d ago

Well given how poorly NBA Live has been over the years I don't/can't see how this guy leaving to the competition will matter one bit. Clearly the NBA Live team on a whole needs a drastic shake up. Could be his leaving is a tipping point for good change for the EA team.

1473d ago
Akuma2K1473d ago

I wonder if members of the madden team will follow suit and leave and join 2K sports......that would really be a death blow to EA's cash cow.

Most likely it'll never

YourSavior1473d ago

A death blow to EA's cash cow would be for 2K to be allowed to make NFL games again.

1473d ago
Dlacy13g1473d ago

Lol...if he was the lone bright spot then they are already screwed. One person can not make that big a difference and if they do then you truly are screwed