The Last of Us: How Sexism Survived the Apocalypse

Paste: To understand how The Last of Us truly ends, you first need some context. Ellie is the cure for the worldwide zombie pandemic—she has special brain tissue that if removed, could be synthesised into a vaccine. However, after it’s revealed the operation will kill her, Joel, who’s own daughter died 20 years prior, “rescues” Ellie from the scientists and lies to her about their intentions, saying they didn’t need her after all.

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jc485731502d ago

The article is pretty lame. I get his point, but still.

cleft51500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

It's in human nature to band together in groups and think one group is inferior to others. The ideal that sexism, racism, or any other sort of ism wouldn't survive the apocalypse is pure stupidity. If anything, those things will be at an all time high doing a phase when there are no rules other than the strong rule. The mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that these things would be purely limited to males acting out and taking up dominant roles subverting weak females.

In the apocalypse the weak will be ruled over by the strong, thats the only truth. Who is strong won't be limited by ethnicity and/or gender but by the will of the person. You need only look at the history of the United States to see this fact. Women in the frontier received the right to vote sooner than women in the "civilized" parts of the world. Blacks gained freedom and independence quicker in the frontier as well. In the frontier it was strength that initially determined what was right or wrong. It was only when the world became "civilized" that public opinion determined the rules of the people. Even then those who are fiercely strong can stand up to and change the worlds of the land to suit their own desire.

In the apocalypse, strength would rule but who has that strength is not predetermined. On a side note, these are some seriously major spoilers for this game.

xer01500d ago

Also - where's the SPOILER alert!?

I haven't even finished the game, and now I know what happened.

Screw the author for not adding a SPOILER alert.

listenkids1500d ago

You actually read past the first sentence without any suspicion it would spoil? Warning or not, that's pretty dumb.

xer01500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Don't be a dick.

Plenty of similar articles have made it hear with spoiler tags.

It wasn't even necessary to go into this amount of detail in the opening paragraph:

"However, after it’s revealed the operation will kill her, Joel, who’s own daughter died 20 years prior, “rescues” Ellie from the scientists and lies to her about their intentions, saying they didn’t need her after all."

With a warning - at least I have a choice to read through or not.

listenkids1500d ago

"To understand how The Last of Us truly ends, you first need some context" and stop.

Why is it so hard to grasp the concept of not reading on when you're not warned? One sentence is all it takes to realise where this was going, you're complaining when in reality you're at fault also.

I've done it myself plenty of times, and I accept it. The author doesn't give a fuck if you whine or not.

OrangePowerz1500d ago


I don't see his point. Tess is equal to Joel, the Fireflys are run by a woman and Ellie kicks ass against the hunters and she is never shown as a helpless little girl. Joel doesn't tell her the truth because he doesn't know if she would be happy that he rescued her or not as she could feel either way about it. Ellie trying to rescue Joel after the university shows quote clear that they formed a very strong bond between each other.

Besudes there was no guarantee that it will work so in that case she would have died for nothing.

PaleMoonDeath1501d ago

C'mon mate, Naughty Dog are pretty well rounded to making some proper equal sex characters, the brutality amongst the characters is more equal than pretty much any video-game out there.

Play TLOU online, and watch the brutal executions being performed on either males of females, or in the story just how much crap Ellie and Tess themselves go through, ... I reckon this guy was having a slow day, that's a Sunday for you.

MaxwellBuddha1501d ago

Ed Smith is Anita Sarkeesian with a penis, seeing sexism where it doesn't exist in order to grind an axe, or get hits, or probably both.

LordMaim1500d ago

Sites like that is why I'm glad for AdBlock.

festunga1501d ago

what a load of drivel, I think somebody missed the point to the story. joel doesn't use her as a surrogate, he learns to love her as a daughter after shutting down for 20 years and she learns to trust again and loves him as the only person to not leave her. its not a hard premise, just a good one. on another point I personally think that ellie is a empowered female character.

Tiqila1500d ago

Ellie is a very strong female character, and the plot would have worked with a boy instead just as well. No sexism there at all, but I think that article was more about hits than about sexism or anything else.

extermin8or1500d ago

Alos he doesn't lie to her find the video recorders in the final level.... they make it pretty clear she isn't the first and that they aren't all that well trained nd have hacked more than a few peoples brains open on the off chance it works... The certainty of her dying vs the possibility of a cure isn't good enough odds in my book to just kill someone especially not when there aren't all that many humans left. You are either as close to certain as you can be that it will work or you don't really know and are guessing which is what they were doing also they aren't looking for a cure anymore as Joel kills most of them capable of doing so lol.

Remy_S1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Piss off, we can't go one day without some jack off trying to create controversy where there is none.

Omnisonne1500d ago

yh these articles are giving me a braintumor, unbelievable

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