Xbox Execs: “Great Progress” on Xbox One Exclusive Crackdown, Fable Legends is “Super Fun”

Gamescom is just a few days away and Microsoft Executives are visiting the studios in full force to catch a good look at the upcoming Xbox One exclusives currently in the works.

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skulz71110d ago

Of course the Microsoft Executives are going to say how good their exclusives are, just like how Sony will say how good The Order and Bloodborne are lol

scark921110d ago

They would be doing a terrible job otherwise xD

amiga-man1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Yes I'm sure I would trust the guys in suits who have probably never played a game in their lives to tell me how fun it is.

Still as has been pointed out they are just doing their job, but seriously what else are they going to say?

dcbronco1110d ago

Amiga actually guys in suits doesn't really apply to tech companies. More than likely most Microsoft executives are probably gamers. And that goes for most tech companies. See Apple's history for what happens when you bring in non tech people. They may not know the x's and o's. But more than likely they like gaming. I mean be realistic. Most of the people on these forums are or wish they were in the industry. Most of those executives started out in similar circumstances to us.

AngelicIceDiamond1110d ago

I think its more due to the fact of the status of the games.

Crackdown is shaping up ok which indicates its probably further along than we initially thought.

amiga-man1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Sorry dcbronco this is MS we are talking about their roots are not in gaming but spreadsheets and operating systems, you only have to look at the people they have put in charge and the stupid decisions they have made to see that, Spencer is probably one of the few gamers they have Arron Greenberg certainly isn't

I'm sorry but they are not people I would listen to about gaming.

DLConspiracy1110d ago


Jeeesh way to take the piss out of the fun... Nothing like a low blow in an up beat comment.

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dasbeer881110d ago

They're kidding right? Fable Legends look flatout boring as hell.

1110d ago
Haki11121110d ago

idk why anyone would disagree with this it's 120% true lol

greenlantern28141110d ago

Wouldn't it be hilarious if sony executives came out and where like man The Order looks boring. Or MS executives said boy that Crackdown looks like crap.
Oh I am fired, but why?
What do people really expect them to do.

Azzanation1110d ago

Mark Cerny said Knack was fantastic so this is no surprise for any executives to praise there own products.

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Goku7811110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Yes it shows, like when you go to the movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and people boo at the Xbox One commercials. Real progress.

whoyouwit041110d ago

if you are at a movie and you boo because of a game commercial for the competition of your preferred system then you are taking this game thing to serious. when you are at the theater you are normally with your girl, so why the hell are you even thinking about a console war at that point and time. I mean seriously, some people just need to get a life.

Sayai jin1110d ago

@Whoyou...shush. You are making to much sense. It's sad really. I took the little league team I coach to a see Transformers. There were other little league baseball teams in the theater at the same time. I did not hear any of the 7 - 12 year olds booing during these commercial. They must be more mature than the people the OP was talking about.

Mega241110d ago

Some people are taking it to serious, this fanboys are acting like sports fans, the ones who beat each other at the games. Messed up.

CloudRap1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Xbox One hate seems to be at an all time high this week not sure what is maybe EA access stirred some jealousy Im not sure but I only come here for a laugh anyways IGN is where I get my news at least they dont make their biases as obvious, you say anything proMS around here and they will literally silence you thats why the bubble system's flawed and this website sucks. It really says something when the top stories are no longer actual news and just become fanboys writing articles to incite other fanboys.

700p1110d ago

They were probably social degens who have no friends. Kinda sad really.

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Fireseed1110d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dehnus1110d ago

Really shows to what length Sony Fanboys go. Sony Fanboys, they don't love their own console.. they just hate yours.

Infamous2981110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Once again, a typical xbox fanboy judging a fanbase because of the acts of few.

marlinfan101110d ago

He said sony fanboys not sony fans. Just like you said xbox fanboy, are you clumping all xbox owners together when you say that?

christocolus1110d ago


Lol.. Who would do that?.. A bunch of kids with a complex i guess.

DJustinUNCHAIND1110d ago

So you were the frumpy kid in the DBZ virgin armor yelling at the screen!

greenlantern28141110d ago

I have been to numerous movies where people cheered the TF, XB1 ads. Neither statement really proves anything

HollywoodLA1110d ago

Wait, did that really happen? I know you have one bubble, can you actually expound on that? Did that happen, or are you making that up?

People booed an xbox ad in the theatre? Send me a private message.

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christocolus1110d ago

Get those exclusives out there MS.

The first Crackdown was really cool,hope they can capture the feel of that game again.m Fable legends is something new. The heroes vs villain gameplay seems intuitive.. Hope i can afford all these games when they finally come out.

Glad to see MS pushing exclusive ips. Hopefully we will see something amazing from Remedy and Rare at Gamescom.

AnteCash1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Just buy them from STEAM when they port them to PC.
It really cheap.
yep ,you mad becuz they ARE going to PC.


@kavorkien LOOL a sony exclusive going to pc , you got wild imagination.
Let me check steam for , killzone, god of war , gran turismo, Last of us,resistance,infamous, ect.

marlinfan101110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Is this the new thing were gonna have to hear about every time a xbox games mentioned?


why would i care where they end up? thats more money for the devs which then means more games for us. you guys are the ones trying to make it into a big deal. so far ryse and dr3 have been announced to be going over to pc. both of which are developed by struggling devs that are rumored to have money problems. it'd only make sense for them to try and get some more money by releasing on another platform.

Kavorklestein1110d ago

Good Idea! I'll just go ahead and do that with bloodbourne! /s

Although Fromsoftware did hide their PC version of Dark Souls 2 from PC for a while, so who knows?

I don't really care, but I just felt like poking a hole in your bubble lol

christocolus1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )


Dude are you ok? Or is that a joke? I'm happy with my xbox one and really looking forward to playing some great exclusives on it but how is that any business of yours? I'm a big console gamer and i don't game much on pc.

You guys are hilarious,you keep looking for the most pathetic ways to take jabs at the definitly have to be insecure about something to act so naïve,also releasing them on pc brings more income to the devs but I honestly didn't know scalebound, fable legends,quantum break,halo5, gears,crackdown,d4 would all be coming to pc.when did MS make the announcement? Oh they didn't..its just one of the many delusions in your heads..smh

now kindly run along kid or go play with your pals on the other side.

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MasterCornholio1110d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Sony Japan Studios helping From Software develop the game and isn't it being published by Sony as well?

So how is it going to come out for PC?

I'm just