‘Diablo III’ PS4 Will Gobble Up European Bandwidth With 60GB Download, Find Out Why

INQ: Large game downloads for this new era of the PS4 and Xbox One are nothing new. However, the download size for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition in the European Playstation Store may have just taken the cake, and most of your data cap along with it.

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user14394141505d ago

OMG 60gb will take me forever to DOWNLOAD. I hope I do not have to download all the dumbass languages when all I NEED is ENGLISH.

LocutusEstBorg1505d ago

The way console games work, you need to download all the languages.

SnakeCQC1505d ago

nope language packs can be optional

The_Eternal_one1505d ago

See folks and this is why an all digital future sucks. Physical copies FTW!!

Breakline1505d ago

Digital preloading makes things a lot easier though! haha

The_Eternal_one1505d ago

Well I'm not bed ridden or a vampire so getting up and going out to the store to get a game doesn't bother me. Besides what are you even talking about the article is about the game eating up data and not about what's easier Smh plus you still gotta download to pre load and install it after anyway.

Ripsta7th1505d ago

Even with the disc you still use up the GB, only difference being if you go digital you have to download this data

Tempest3171505d ago

Thats kind of a huge difference...and thats the reason people are upset...60gb download is ludicrous for a lot of people

TheEternalGamer1505d ago

you could simply put your PS4 on standby like i do and have your games install digitally or on disc that way your PS4 doesn't overheat while you wait for your games and you can go play something else like some PS3 games, maybe go back and play some PS1 and PS2 games you never finished yet etc. doesn't take that long when its on standby and when its done their you go you get to play! :D

Heisenburger1505d ago


When you insert a game it copies alllllll of the data onto your harddrive. Now with preload it's actually faster to download a game. Not sure why you had to spit back some passive aggressive insult like "I'm not a vampire so I can go out derp." Now you're wrong, and rude.

I buy digital to ensure that I have a library of games, as I cannot trust myself not to trade all my games in otherwise.

Volkama1505d ago

I assume the poor chap is in a land where data caps are common. As far as I know that is just America, but there are probably some other nations with similar bastards running their ISPs.

FullmetalRoyale1505d ago


I live in America, and while I don't have a cap, loads of people apparently do. I don't get how a company can limit how much internet you can use. It's not like water. Just let your paying customers use it.

Back to the topic at hand:

I'm not sure data caps are his issue. I think a general misunderstanding is. The fact that he disagreed with the two people that corrected him leads me to think that he was mistaken, now embarrassed of that fact. I for one was surprised myself upon learning that there will be no storage difference between physical and digital. SO... digital for me as well.

The_Eternal_one1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Volkama and tempest317 get what I'm saying. I live in Canada I don't have a cap but doesn't mean I don't see how an all digital future can suck for others that aren't as fortunate as people like myself that do have unlimited data. Sometimes it's not always about you.

FullmetalRoyale1505d ago

"Sometimes it's not always about you."

I don't appreciate the backhanded insult of my character. I replied about you. Not the world, you. I corrected your misconceptions of the harddrive space, yet you try and act like you're talking about the world? No. That wasn't the conversation. I'm not actually mad at all, I just don't appreciate you moving goalposts.

"Well I'm not bed ridden or a vampire so getting up and going out to the store to get a game doesn't bother me. Besides what are you even talking about the article is about the game eating up data and not about what's easier Smh plus you still gotta download to pre load and install it after anyway."

^^THIS is what the conversation was about man. You were/are wrong. You are wrong. It takes the same amount of space whether or not you are digital of physical, to which you reply "Bu-bu! All digital isn't viable for everyone in teh earth!!1one!"

Very transparent, and not at all amusing.

The_Eternal_one1504d ago

Of course it's the fucking same lol when did I say it wasn't? Also who is talking about Hdd space? What I said was directed at the dude that said "Digital preloading makes things a lot easier though! haha" of course if I have a data cap of let's say 40gb a month I'm not gonna waste my data on a 60gb game as I would be going over my cap and in the end pay additional charges to my isp.

So that means I would get up and go to the store and buy the physical copy. That is why an all digital future sucks for those that aren't fortunate to have unlimited access to downloading. Do you understand now? Am I still moving goal posts for you?

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Metallox1505d ago

It would take an entire day to download that thing with my Internet. That file size is massive.

once_a_jedi1505d ago

God of War HD collection, (18 GB) took 10 days of continuous downloading,have a better connection now.

Tru_Blu1505d ago

Glad my internet just got bumped up to 100Mb/s

SlavisH21505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

glad i have 1500mb/s :) fiber optic rulz!

Tru_Blu1505d ago

1500?? What you have, Google fiber is 1000 and that is the fastest I know of.

SlavisH21505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

@Tru_Blu i dont use a residential internet plan. I'm lucky where I am and work. One of my co-works gets almost 5gbps!

Mr Marvel1505d ago

Long live the Blu-ray disc!

Retail copy everytime for me. Especially considering 60GB would be 2/5 of my monthly download quota.

MysticStrummer1505d ago

Too bad physical copies are slowly on the way out. I prefer them myself by far.

TRD4L1fe1505d ago

physical copies arent gonna disappear.

matt1391505d ago

I still cannot believe that there are people out there who have download limits. I pay the equivalent of $30 a month for 40mb down/8mb up and have unlimited download usage.

WikusVanDeMerwe1505d ago

I have Comcast and Comcast is my only option where I live. I pay $70 per month and have a 300GB cap and if I go over I can pay $10 for an extra 50GB.

Comcast is really caring and giving by letting me have that extra internets for 10 bucks and it shows they will share it for a small donation.

I love my Comcast! <3

Tru_Blu1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Wait net neutrality is dead so your ISP can do whatever the hell they want with your internet. Prime example is how they slow netflix to a crawl unless netflix pays them to allow the traffic.

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