Naughty Dog and Crytek Facing Off at Siggraph With The Last of Us and Ryse: Son of Rome

Siggraph 2014 starts tomorrow, and between video game developers the front and center of the stage will be held by Crytek and Naughty Dog, that will focus their presentations on The Last of Us and Ryse: Son of Rome, sharing their secrets with an audience of industry professionals.

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Godmars2901438d ago

And by all counts Crytek lost before even stepping into the ring.

Abriael1438d ago

well... they kinda won actually.

"Crytek, which already won the Siggraph Award for best real-time graphics..."

iamnsuperman1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Which shouldn't surprise anyone. Ryse looked really good and no matter what Naughty Dog does to the Last of Us it will always be a last generation game

Still interesting to see what both did

modesign1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

crytek is broke and shutting down studios, naughty dog isnt, whos the real winner.

crytek won a award that will probably be sold on

choujij1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

It would be funny if they were comparing the graphics for a last gen game to a current gen one. XD

The remaster itself runs at 1080p and 60fps, which is a far cry from 900p and 30 fps.

Anonagrog1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I don't see why 'Siggraph' should be presented as a place for "facing off". It's as far from that as possible.

A bunch of like-minded people coming together to share knowledge in the off-chance they can help others and/or also contribute to the advancement of graphics. That *is* 'Siggraph'. In my eyes that's along the lines of how it should be described to those unaware; not as a place for "facing off". Even if it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, it sounds more like a bait headline first rather than anything else. The way this comments section has shaped up isn't all that surprising either. Ah well! :P

yewles11438d ago

Why's anyone taking siggraph seriously when best game went to The Crew?

Clarence1438d ago

It would be better if UC4 was used instead a last gen game. It just shows you how good naughty dog is if they comparing a last gen game to this gen game.

larrysdirtydrawss1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Siggraph needs to win an award where the gift is a pair of glasses if they think that still slide show ryse is better looking than kzss or second son(especially second son). --unless its just for 2013,it should still be killzone

KonaSquid1438d ago

Ryse looks marginally better than God of War 3, a 2010 PS3 game. I don't see what all the hype is about.

dantesparda1438d ago


You know why SIGGRAPH is being taken so seriously around here, its because the graphics award went to Ryse, so now every fanboy is going to act like they are the end all, be all. You know how it works.

Prime1571437d ago

I know crytek won, but the amount of game obviously wasn't taken into effect, both length in story and overall playable area...

<shrug> but what do I know about resources and assets in game developing.

CuddlyREDRUM1437d ago

You literally post on N4G while trying to fanboy bait with stuff like this? Jesus Christ.

elmaton981437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Crytec has always made some incredible games. I love naughty dog but the last of us( a game with enhanced graghics and same glitches). While it look awesome and play awesome, it is the same game(I dont know about multi since I haven't played it since im trying ti beat the game on grounded) and if you dont believe me, play the level before the bridge and it always point the same direction unless you die. Why do I tell you this, well I got both games on ps3 and ps4.

vakarian751437d ago

Maybe their comparing those two games because it was the last games they made.

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Kayant1438d ago

Ryse won best real-time graphics for 2013 so.....

This isn't really a Vs or face-off thing anyways it's an event to share knowledge ;)

Kavorklestein1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Okay, so if you have a last gen PS4 game remastered, VS a Current gen game (2013 Siggraph winner)UNLEASHED on PC in 2014, then who do you expect to win the award?

Sorry, but it's not gonna be TLOU:R.

If anything, closer competition will come from many of the other titles coming this fall, like Maybe GTA V: Remastered? Or something else?
Still, it won't be TLOU:R. Case closed.

Dlacy13g1438d ago

No, it's a battle to the death! 2 fighters enter, one shall leave!

OK, OK...Yeah its really about development talks and sharing information. But after.... its a battle to the death!

Godmars2901438d ago

Yeah, they have an award, but they don't have much if anything in regards to actual achievements.

Bad rep regarding story and gameplay. Poor sales. Not being able to pay employees.

Also given that Crytek's "knowledge" extends to the importance of graphics over all else, I'd say that given their results they don't have much that's worth sharing.

gamer78041438d ago

Yah Ryse already won the award as said above

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lifeisgamesok1438d ago

Ryse wins hands down

No matter how clear the image on screen gets or how many fps in The Last of Us

Ryse simply has the next gen graphics

Trekster_Gamer1438d ago

Ryse was more fun by a mile!

Strangelover1438d ago

Your impression is YOUR impression, but not the truth

Insomnia_841438d ago

What you just said, is the most....


GTgamer1438d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo stoooooooopppppppp

oxybulle1438d ago

LOL, do you try to be funny?

XBLSkull1437d ago

At least Ryse had light attack, heavy attack, and block. TLoU has press square.

DigitalRaptor1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

@ XBLSkull

Dear god, you're actually comparing Ryse's gameplay to The Last of Us in favour of the one game that had poor and repetitive gameplay, and nothing else…..

TLOU actually had diversity in its gameplay and scenarios in PLENTY of other areas, especially the conflicts with humans which were completely unpredictable and fresh each time you play due to the AI. Level design was open in such that you could atttempt multiple paths despite linearity. Ryse also didn't have that option.

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Goku7811438d ago

Put down the peyote man Last of Us easily better than Rise, and was a PS3 game originally.

CaptainFist1438d ago

I don't get why you've gotten so many dislikes. It's true that Ryse has better graphics; however, TLOU is simply the better game.

Sheikh Yerbouti1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Cause you can't totally divorce graphics from gameplay. Ryse was a linear, which makes it easier to put more graphics in a game setting/level than say an open world game like inFamous.

andibandit1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Its a conference about computer graphics, of course they can look at just the graphics....why would they start discussing the gameplay of a game while discussing how to obtain better graphics.........

Sheikh Yerbouti1436d ago

Because they don't care about the gaming...just the graphics. We, on the other hand...!

poor_cus_of_games1437d ago

Ryse more fun? Maybe in some messed up dimension. And to the moron that says at least ryse has light and heavy attacks while the last of us just has the square button, well how is the crafting of new weapons and items in ryse? How about the selection of weapons? Cover system? The actual ability to use stealth? Don't start with that whole ya can walk up behind people in ryse and stealth kill them because that was just a mess.

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XStation1438d ago

Ryse is the better looking game, but TLOU is the better game overall.

marlinfan101438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

agreed. ryse does undoubtably look better, but TLOU kills ryse when it comes to the gameplay/story.

Strangelover1438d ago

And music and voice acting and atmosphere and philosophy

CuddlyREDRUM1437d ago

If gameplay is walking from cutscene to cutscene...

marlinfan101438d ago

yeah i think everything about TLOU is better than ryse aside from the graphics, thats expected though since TLOUs a last gen game

marlinfan101438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Lol are you fanboys so insecure you have to disagree about it looking better? What are your guys reasons for disagreeing? Im genuinely interested in hearing. Its a last gen game, it supposed to look worse. Tlou beats ryse in every other category aside from graphics

poor_cus_of_games1437d ago

Graphics yes but actual design details no way. For example a photo may look better but a well designed oil painting can be more beautiful.

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Humanbean741438d ago

TLOU was an updated port which is still beautiful but let's wait to compare when Uncharted 4 is released!