20° - Fanboys, get a grip...

Vlad Bilinskiy of writes "The face of gaming turned really ugly these past two or three generations. I go on these various gaming boards, and all I see is just cut-throat fanboy bull thrown into one console camp from another."

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scoobysnacks3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

A Seer moment if you will, "I think this is going to be a rather ignored thread, I don't see many fanboys posting comments (we know who you are). It will be mainly ignored, as they will either disagree whole heartedly with the article, or they will glance at it, and move on without acknowledging it, because if they did, it would mean they would have to take a close look at themselves,realising they are the delusional fanboys the article writes about, and that they really need to grow up.

I've been gaming since the early 80's, and have seen fans on various sides of so called console wars take cheap shots against the other gamers console of choice. I myself have probably been guilty of taking a sides and putting the competition down (back in the 80's), but I don't think i've ever seen it dip quite so low as to the stupid arguments and mud slinging i've seen of this generation.

This generation i've owned a 360 (sold it), now I own a PS3 (very happy with it). I've stated I don't think much to the hardware of the 360 (more for the fact its unreliable and noisy, if those two things were fixed I'd still own it), the games library for the 360 however is great. The PS3 has a smaller games library and fewer AAA titles but that can only improve with time. The PS3 hardware is rock solid with great potential, all the PS over the years improve with time when developers get used to it. The Wii doesn't interest me, not to say it isn't any good, I know people who do own it and enjoy it.

I've made a choice and i'm happy with it. if you've made a choice with the 360 or the Wii and are happy with that choice, great. Enjoy gaming, but let others enjoy theirs too, with their console of choice.