Dev Explains How PS4 Is Able To Get Frame Rates Closer To PC, API Had Lower Overhead From The Start

"The Talos Principle is an upcoming puzzle game for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game was first announced at the Sony’s press conference at E3 this year. The Talos Principle is being developed by Croteam, the team that bought us Serious Sam."

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chrissx1413d ago

Sony got it spot on with the designing of the Ps4

s8anicslayer1413d ago

That's what happens when you do your homework and give consumers and devs what they want.

FamilyGuy1413d ago

Or, you know, have an actual game developer as the system architect.

Thanks again Mark!

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Edvin19841413d ago

I love hearing about Dev's learning new API and all the sub programing languages. I am a complete noob, but took a few classes in programing and it just has been a boat load of fun. It to me is like putting puzzle pieces together.

I think that these new consoles X1,PS4, and even WiiU will have longer legs then we expect. Sure my super high end PC is better, faster, etc I think user access being so easy will always have a home with a lot of customers. I just wish I could get access to learn some of the fundamentals for PS4 API. Does any one know when I could look into this?


mwjw6961413d ago

@Edvin1984 Their API is just OpenGL core (modified sure). They also use FreeBSD as their OS (codename Orbis). X1 is using DirectX 11.x, and next year they are using 12.x and a Windows 8 core OS.

So the idiot that's talking about how different the PS4's API is from OpenGL and DirectX/Direct3D is just moronic and a Sony mouth peace. I think its in the contract if Sony lets you put an indie game on their Console you have to verbally suck them off online.

Anonagrog1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You won't be able to find too much information on it besides high-level discussions in things like interviews. That comes with signing a developer NDA.

You've got the keywords 'GNM' and 'GNMx' to look up though. 'GNM' is the PS4's lowest-level API and 'GNMx' is a higher-level wrapper around that. Strangely, a lot of people mistakenly think 'PSSL' is the name of the API, but that's just the official name for the shader language used on the PS4 ('PSSL', as in 'PlayStation Shader Langauge'), so don't be thrown by that if you see it.

Have a scan through for the relevant sections in these. They should help a little:-

Beyond that perhaps look for some industry presentations on Mantle and DirectX12 that came out earlier this year (can't remember the names off the top of my head - definitely one from DICE though). There are some good articles on the net for them too. You may be able to see possibilities of how the console API's function looking into these. The principle isn't too dissimilar.

Edvin19841412d ago

Thanks guys this is pretty interesting stuff, and its just a hobby. As I said I am just a beginner, but I really enjoy my entry level programing thus far. In a way it is like playing a video game, but with better AI, no recharging health, and no one calling my mom names lol......j/k. Very interesting stuff now I have something to read up on.

Thank you,

MasterCornholio1413d ago

Cerny did an amazing job with the console. I'm glad that many developers love it.

mwjw6961413d ago

Cerny glued over the counter PC parts into a box and tilted it at a slant. Besides the GDDR5 there is nothing amazing in the PS4. No matter how hard people want to believe it, you don't pay $400 for revolutionary tech. Same can be said for X1.

ShowGun9011413d ago

But that doesn't mean that he didn't do an amazing job with it... It's exactly what most geeks would have made if they had the choice and budget. Rather than skimp on hardware to include the hardware version of bloatware in the box. Ps4 is exactly what it should be for $400!

AnteCash1413d ago

What the matter ,you got sand in your vagina?

funkybudda1413d ago

At many PC Mucstard race already hate to admit, but the fact is you cant build gaming PC for $400 that performs like PS4. And the fact that Xbox One is charging the same price as PS4 with inferior hardware is plain robbery. I guess some people just like to pay more for less.

Spotie1413d ago

@mwjw696: I'm willing to bet you don't even know how a light bulb works.

Do me a favor and find all the parts in the PS4 from a PC store. Don't worry. I'll wait.

I imagine I'll be fifty before then, so I'll see ya in a few decades.

Sy_Wolf1413d ago

@mwjw696 When the 360 came out it was bleeding edge technology that was better than anything in PCs at the time. So yes, $400 can get you top of the line hardware.

mwjw6961413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@Spotie Positive AC current flows through a copper wire typically 12v current. Goes through a filament that's normally I think Zinc or tungsten (could be wrong) that causes a chemical reaction the cause the filament to glow brightly. That connects to the negative AC current wire... any more questions?

I apologize if I confused you about gluing the parts together. I mean there is nothing special in that box. Its a 7970M (but downgraded) AMD GPU, an underclocked to 1.6Ghz(capable of 2Ghz but lowered because of the heat) 8 core AMD Jaguar CPU, a 5200RPM 500GB Laptop hard drive, and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

WOHO LOOK AT ALL THAT SPECIAL HARDWARE! The Ram is they only thing of note and it was a bad choose. It will not show right now but the Ram + CPU will be its main bottleneck down the road. What would a no talent Indie know about maxing out a machine, and what would a child that worships Sony know about building a PC...

@Sy_Wolf Did you know when it launched at $600 USD the PS3 Cost Sony $900 to make? That does not include shipping overseas, advertisements, Retail costs, and defective units. The New Xbox One and PS4 are already selling for a profit. It took 3 Years for the 360 to make a profit, and 5 years for the PS3. So yes you USED to be able to get more for your money, but that's because Sony and MS lost money. Not this generation.

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ps4fanboy1413d ago

It's the architecture of the ps4 , both on the inside and out that make it such a beast , mark cerny be thy name.

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