5 Essential Tips About New-Gen Re-Releases

Dealspwn writes: With the news this week that Sleeping Dogs is to be re-released for the PS4 and Xbox One (and PC for that matter), the issue of old games being remastered for the new-gen consoles has again become a hot talking point among many gamers. Are they good value? Or a rip-off to fleece gamers who don’t have many titles to play on their shiny next-gen machines? Is there any point? Well, here are our five essential tips to help clear the waters a little.

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Yi-Long1319d ago

Really hoping that Arkham Origins will get a next-gen re-release. Was waiting for a GOTY anyway (because of all the DLC), so if it's release in FullHD, it will be an absolute no-brainer.

I also expect the new Dead or Alive 5 release to come out for next-gen consoles, and yeah, obviously a bunch of great scoring games from last-gen will make that leap.

If Nintendo decides to do a FullHD re-release of Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and bundle those 2 games together with a WiiU (Preferably with a bigger HDD and some other changes) or a new console, it would be a day 1.

Same goes for Xenoblade Chronicles btw.

I love new-gen re-releases.

Peekayboo1319d ago

What Dafaq does PC have to do with gens? Our hardware is always current and not held back. next gen for consoles should be dedicated servers so you couldn't lag your upload with a Tomato/DD-WRT router and shoot people before they can even see you

ShinMaster1318d ago

Now that's just technically false. Not all PCs have current hardware. A lot of PCs are no more powerful than current(next-gen) consoles. Unless you have a broad definition of "current".

"not held back"
Wait what? PC fans usually blame consoles are holding them back. Which is it?

Peekayboo1318d ago

If you built a computer in the last 6 years with any overclockable i7 or i5 with 4gb of any speed ram and upgrade your graphics card to a mid range card every 3 years will play any current game at over 60 fps.

The only way your going to end up with a PC as weak as current gen console is to buy a overpriced pre built POS but even that can be upgraded overtime.

The main way consoles hold the PC back are pretty much just bad ports missing tons of things like..

Removing auto aim
Removing deadzones from the mouse movement
Removing acceleration
1 to 1 hardware mouse movement
Dedicated servers or high ping kicked
Lack of high rez textures
Reduced poly counts
Field of view
Anti aliasing options
Limited resolution options
Locking fps to 30/60fps unlocking will break it
porting the matchmaking to things like gamespy and GFWL
And lastly expecting modders to fix everything thats wrong

ShinMaster1318d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Well most people do buy pre-built PCs.

The cost of the rest of the hardware aside... you'd be paying a good $200 for a decent mid-range card. And you're saying to buy one every 3 years?

You forgot one thing that PCs get that consoles don't

Peekayboo1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

$200 on a graphic card is nothing when your buying $60 games every month and you can always get a few free games with the graphics card

Its rare to buy a $60 pc game with steam sales and

Also console has tons of people cheating you just have no clue

Halo Reach hex edit to auto aim and hit boxes

Console kiddies loves them haxs

Everything on consoles is client side so everything is hackable because nothings server side

ShinMaster1317d ago

Most brand new AAA titles are $60 on PC and Steam.
Steam sales are good for older games.

Anything over $200 is like buying a console each time.

Peekayboo1317d ago

I just looked through my 205 games and I didn't spend more then $30 on pretty much anything other than a few mmo's most of my games were between $15 and $5

If you want to keep saying games are worth $60 take that off the graphics card price because they give you at least one $60 AAA game and you can sell your old graphics card and the game

GFWL and Gamespy are gone now they both shutdown recently and games not auto saving hasn't been a thing for about a decade, also steam backsup some game saves and gamebooster uploads them to dropbox for you if you use it

ShinMaster1317d ago

Before I forget. Something else that consoles don't have to deal with is GFWL and your progress not being saved because you got logged out.

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