Sony’s DualShock Nominated for Prestigious Design Longevity Award Against Pritt Glue and Scotch

Every year since 1957 in Japan the Good Design Award gives a nod to the best products designs on the market. Currently organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, it attracts approximately 3,000 submissions from 1,000 companies every year.

This year the DualShock is one of the nominees, together with some items that have probably been just as relevant parts of your life.

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All_Consoles1437d ago


The thumb pads are starting to tear and the battery life is horrendous

Lawboy21437d ago

Ine are too...but I've had my ps4 since feburary....and this only occurred because of destiny....I spent so much time playing that game it was ridiculous it also was the first MP
I on my ps4 for that many hours...I was pretty hard on the controller

OT: man I really want that blue controller

NatureOfLogic_1436d ago

All_consoles don't own a PS4 though. He's a newly created Xbox fanboy account made to troll judging by his comment history. Some Xbox fanboys have to pretend to own a PS4 so their opinions and concerns seem valid.

All_Consoles1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

I have a ps4, just look at my picture. Would you like another for convincing?
Or would you like to give me your psn so I can message you from my ps4

And I see in your comment you mentioned you don't have an Xbox yet you bash it anyway, I call that irony

NatureOfLogic_1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

@ All consoles, Even if you do own a PS4, It doesn't give you the right to constantly troll everything Playstation. Nice pic btw.

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Abriael1437d ago

"longevity" has nothing to do with that in this case.

All_Consoles1437d ago

Longevity is the ability to last a long time

marlinfan101437d ago

"The nomination stresses on the the longevity of the design that appeared in its first iteration in 1994, keeping intact its identity and most iconic parts like the shape of the grips and the △ ○ × □ buttons, implementing revolutionary features like the touch pad at the same time, and creating an intuitive and superior controller that well represents the industry."

its more about the main design of the controller lasting a long time, not specifically the ds4

marlinfan101437d ago

you can go buy some joystick covers for like $5 and it'll fix that problem. the battery life really is terrible though

rainslacker1436d ago

You could also send it back to Sony for a replacement. They've already acknowledged the issue and said they would replace it under warranty.

Sucks to be without a controller though.

Lou Ferrigno1436d ago

regardless , he's absolutely right about both problems..
I had to replace my joysticks COMPLETELY because the rubber tops ripped off within 2 months of owning the console (since release) and the battery, despite having the light bar on lowest dim, has HORRIBLE battery life.

I'm starting to play wired to keep it charged least until i get a new controller soon , those colored ones look awesome..white for me.

CervantesPR1436d ago

they already did a revision, this blue one along with the cammo and the white controller will have diferent material on the thumb sticks, i called customer care and they told me that.

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TheBoy1437d ago

The irony when the thumb sticks wear off incredibly fast and are extremely cheap and the battery life is laughably bad.

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jcnba281436d ago

Longevity? Did they not hear about the thumb sticks wearing off? Mine don't but I've seen my friend's ds4s. My DS4 left trigger though now squeeks for some reason.

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Zodiac1436d ago

How do you put it in the same category as scotch lol

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