Spanish Halo fans are unhappy with the lack of Castilian Spanish localization for Halo 2 Anniversary

HBO writes: "Lluís SD let us know that there are some Halo fans in Spain that are unhappy with the lack of Castilian Spanish localization for Halo 2 Anniversary (Halo 2 was supposed to have it, but was released with 'neutral spanish' - focused more on Latin America than Spain). They've got a Facebook page and a blog, and they want Microsoft to hear them! Add your voice!".

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user45784641444d ago

Really Microsoft? I'll help them as a Halo fan :)

e-p-ayeaH1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Microsoft was always very incompetent in these issues.

Megaplaynate1443d ago

Most of the games we get in LA are dubbed in Spain, and even though some are great (Uncharted series), the rest aren't (by our standars, you know, the same reason spanish fans are unhappy).
In my case I don't even like any kind of dubs, just original voices and subtitles.
I think they have no right to be angry. It would be great if we could get spanish dub in Europe and latin dub in America, but that would rise costs. So just like us, accept it and move on.

mhunterjr1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I dunno, isn't this a bit like complaining that American games aren't localized for the UK? It doesn't seem to me that the languages are different enough to warrant the extra labor.

When I learned Spanish, it was more focused on Latin American diction... But I had no trouble communicating in Spain.

Aquariusgamer1442d ago

exactly. most western medieval based RPGs use European lingo and accents.

americans don't bitch about the english being a bit different, so those retards complaining about castillian spanish should fuck off.

gamers will literally find ANYTHING to complain about, jesus!

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