Zen Studios will have Wii U news soon, says platform is difficult to support

Zen Studios brought Zen Pinball to the Wii U over a year ago, with several new tables released over the past few months. Fans on the Zen Pinball forums have taken to calling the studio out, accusing them of not supporting their products on the Wii U as they have other platforms.

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MSBAUSTX1436d ago

This article is crap. Shovel knight was patched almost immediately and was done by a smaller studio than Zen. Almost all other games are patched fast and easy on the system. It is just the same political bullsh** that Devs are doing to sabotage Wii U and force people to buy their games on other more expensive systems. It is lazy and frankly the reason why sone developers are losing money. If you dont support people with updates to your broken software then they wont buy your future products either. I wont be buying any more Zed Studios games because of their lazy approach to customer service and their lame excuses for such service.

Godmars2901436d ago

Know this wont go over well, but guessing its that they have to build down to lower specs than they're use to. That they just aren't that familiar with the WiiU, even if its better hardware than the 360/PS3.

MSBAUSTX1436d ago

I would normally agree with you but there are indie companies making games out of their dam living room and they are having no problems. This isnt some super advanced game here. Wii U will run games at 1080P and it has more power then the 360 and PS3. if I can play Assassins Creed 3 and 4 and Arkham city and all look amazing, then there is no excuse a got dam pinball game can not be patched and work perfectly well on the Wii U. Not to mention that they have had over a year to fic the problems with it. I would put Trine 2 on the same level as Zen Pinball and it has no issues what so ever and looks good. So, they may be having trouble, but they are the only ones. The fact of the matter is that they see more people buying the other systems and do not care about the Nintendo fans that supported them. It is lazy and probably just normal Business for most Devs these days. Money grab as much as you can. In the end if more companies treated the Wii U the way that Wii U owners deserved, it would have sold better and there would be more third party support.

InTheZoneAC1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

zen pinball is free on ps3 and ps4, so your entire argument is stupid. They're not trying to force anyone to buy a console they make no money off.

MSBAUSTX1436d ago

The game is free but the extra tables and DLC are not. You have to pay for those and if they are broken and dont work right then we should get them patched. Simple as that.

Godmars2901436d ago

For the longest, John Carmack has been held on a pedestal for what he's done with the Doom franchise and what he promised with Rage despite having open disdain for consoles.

I just don't get how he and other high profile devs get passes for not understanding "simpler" while others get attacked.

Out of 6th gen consoles, the Game Cube, the First Xbox, Dreamcast and PS2 the PS2 was weakest, but because it was the most popular, because devs had to become familiar with it in order to sell their titles, it saw some of the better looking games of its gen. Devs tried to do more with it.

Zen aren't familiar with the WiiU. Maybe purposely so. That's all I got.

Menkyo1436d ago

Actually the Dreamcast was the weakest. PS2 was not as powerful as the gamecube but it moved more units thus it saw better support.

Ol_G1435d ago

This message is also from the forums

I hear your concerns and issues and agree that we have not supported you properly. We are working to make this right.

They actually acknowledged that they treated the wii u owners like shit i guess there's a first time for everything

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lilbroRx1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

This is absolute bull. You don't hear this from any of the other indie devs. These guys just don't consider the Wii U a priority and opt to blame the Wii U and Nintendo rather than themselves for their bad support of their boring game like the oversized third party devs are doing.

Smaller third party devs are having none of the problems that the bigger ones like to complain about after a game doesn't get received how they want it, and smaller indie devs are having none of the problems that this studio is having.

Here's a suggestion for Zen Studios. Maybe they just aren't very good developers.

mezati991436d ago

a comment from the article :
"I know it's going to be most Nintendo fans' reactions to bash Zen studios for this, but come on guys. Zen is far from the first developer to call Nintendo out for how they designed their SDKs and developer APIs. Sony and MS basically kissed developers' asses when they designed their systems, while Nintendo went down the same path they've always treaded. Their path fosters the attitude of "We're making this however we want, and you guys figure it out." In this day and age, developers have the real power. The sooner Nintendo realizes that the better"

give this man a cookie

N4g_null1436d ago

Sign up and tell me the coding for gpgpus are different on each console.

Seriously the only difference is a shader converter. The unity3d guys are on that.

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