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Hotline Miami Hurts People on PS4 Later This Month

Push Square, via Twitter: "We may have had to twiddle our thumbs a little longer than anticipated for Hotline Miami 2, but you’ll be able to feed your murderous desires on the PlayStation 4 this month courtesy of a cross-buy version of the original title. Writing on the game’s official Twitter page, a spokesperson for the series explained that, as previously teased, the next-gen massacre will be totally free if you donned one of the title’s iconic masks on the PS3 or Vita." (Hotline Miami, PS4)

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spacedelete  +   473d ago
more remakes. PS now getting more pointless everyday.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   473d ago
How is this a remake ? You're a dumbass seriously.
Starbucks_Fan  +   473d ago
close your account
HaveAsandwich  +   472d ago
FamilyGuy  +   472d ago
Do you even know what a "remake" is?


It's call a multi-platform release. Just because a release comes later than others doesn't make it a "remake".
El_Colombiano  +   473d ago
This rocks. The more good ps3 game I can play on ps4 the better.
BitbyDeath  +   473d ago
If you got it from PS+ for PS3/Vita when it was available then you should be able to get it for free on PS4.
Sketchy_Galore  +   473d ago
Dammit. In my excitement I read 'Hotline Miami 2'. Now I'm sad.
FamilyGuy  +   472d ago
It mentions HLM 2 in the description so it's not your fault.
jambola  +   473d ago
This is one of the few games i think i'd really consider getting again. One of the best games iv'e ever played
Why o why  +   473d ago
I downloaded the sound track. I actually play it in my car. What an addictive game. So simple yet so much depth.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   472d ago
How much was the price before?
MasterCornholio  +   473d ago


Fantastic game.
CaspuR  +   473d ago
lol i almost forgot about this game xD, when i was playing it i was super addicted, beat it, and never really played it again. Great game definitely in my top ten indie games of all time
Ripsta7th  +   473d ago
Am i the only that hates this game?? I got it for free on ps3 and vita already. When i saw the game picturr i though it wiuld be fun then wen i actually played it the graphics
Put me off. I did not buy a Ps4 to play mobile games forreals
Why o why  +   473d ago
Dont let the graphics put you off. This is a very playable game.
jambola  +   473d ago
going by that comment you don't hate the game, you hate the graphics.
Spinal  +   473d ago
You'll miss out on alot of great games you graphics whore.

Enjoy your Ryse and Crysis 3. All graphics and SHIT gameplay.
Rhezin  +   473d ago
ugh already own it on ps3. WHERE IS WRONG NUMBER?! The title got me so excited.
Kiddcarter  +   472d ago
I'm down, I liked this game when I bought it on vita, and it will be another platinum trophy I get to grab easily
maniacmayhem  +   472d ago
As much as I love this game...I want Part 2 to come out more.

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