Five reasons why 'WWE 2K15' won't tap out in its next-gen debut

The news keeps coming in when it comes to the features and content of 2K Sports' next-gen wrestling debut, “WWE 2K15," but what does it all mean?

Breaking through all the techno babel and game speak, here are five reasons why the WWE' first game on the XBox One and PlayStation 4 won't stink up the place.

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audiophile1011469d ago

these wrestling games have been pretty much garbage. they need a brand new develop to come in and start from the ground up

turning into a clal of duty with the cop and paste method with new visuals

solid_snake36561469d ago

Also a little competition wouldn't hurt. I remember when we had more choices when it came to wrestling games

ShadowKingx1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

to be honest, does not matter if they start from the ground up or not, it will be the same moves and everything, when it comes to sports (yes i know wwe is not a sport in some peoples eyes) that revolve around the same moves.

Now i do agree with you that they need to improve things like make a more interactive story line, prime example would be here come the pain, where you had control of the game in every aspect, leaving the arena, riding takers bike in parking lot or forklift, going to all backstage's without having to pick just one. hell i think even after the match you had an option to hit your opponent with a chair or shake his hand, thus controlling your heel or face and there is probably a lot more im missing. i have played almost every wwe game and some were bad and some were good and even awesome.

but when it comes to game that involves the same moves over and over, even starting from the ground will just turn into the same thing again.