Cancel Christmas: 'Next-Gen' begins next Spring

Dealspwn writes: Ah, the "silly season." Every year we tend to see major publishers cramming their wares into the late September to mid-November release windows to try and steal a slice of the Christmas cake, turning the holiday into a glutted feeding frenzy of hype and exclusives that often buries deserving niche software and exerts a ridiculous strain on our bank balances.

So it was, so it is and so it will always be... but not this year. Though we've still got plenty of games to look forward to this holiday season, February 2015 is actually set to be sillier still, as yet another game finds itself releasing in what's set to be an utterly outrageous month of new-gen releases.

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FarEastOrient1319d ago

No need to "cancel Christmas" there are several games for the rest of the year. The question should be, can your wallet handle the winter after the Christmas rush.

Abash1319d ago

Fall has a lot of big games, and Winter next year has The Order: 1886, Dying Light, The Witcher 3, and Evolve.

Quite a lot of big releases until the Spring so I dont understand how the article write can say "Next-Gen" begins then....

windblowsagain1318d ago

Think Evolve has been pushed to 2015.

Vitalogy1318d ago

And here I thought 'next gen' have been around since November 2013, guess I was wrong. /s

C-H-E-F1319d ago

This author...How about you hold your CLICKBATE though...PLENTY of games coming out sept-november actually starting when the Walking Dead come out.

anticlimax1318d ago

Destiny, The Walking dead, Fifa, Football manager, Forza, Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation, Driveclub, Borderlands, The Evil Within, AC: Unity, Call Of Duty, The Crew, Civilisation: Beyond Earth, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, New Tomb Raider.

Did I miss any? Best cancel Christmas, because if you do even half of these you'll be gaming straight through december.

deadchucky1318d ago

Yeah it can with 1000$ just for games

OrangePowerz1318d ago

Jep more than enough games with Destiny, The Evil Within, AC Unity and Rogue, LBP 3, DriveClub, Forza Horizon 2, Project Cars, The Crew, Halo MCC, Advanced Warefare, Sunset Overdrive and plenty more.

ZombieKiller1318d ago

Most of my games are coming out/been delayed until 2015, but I'm actually happy about that as I can take a small break....or at least my wallet can. My plan for this year is
Far Cry 4

Next year is a different story.

Arkham Knight

tgunzz1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Shoot, christmas started for me when I picked up all 3 consoles... Whats occupying my stocking is titan fall, mario kart 8, ryse, infamous ss, killer instict, tlou, ksr, dr3, wolfenstein, watchdogs, super mario 3d, and forza 5... And I am looking to add more very soon... I love great gaming!

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SaveFerris1318d ago

'Next-gen'? Which company is launching a new console?

Strangelover1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Valve - Steam Machines

Vitalogy1318d ago

They can't seen to drop the 'next gen' expression from their headlines, probably think it'll give them more clicks.

theshredded1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

they mean real next gen.The consoles are missing basic features.What game was a real next gen game that was worth upgrading from ps3/x360?none with Resogun being the only exception out of all games

FullmetalRoyale1318d ago

All of them that I purchased were worth the upgrade. It's a bit of a douchey thing to do to ask a question, then answer it yourself. You clearly are here to tell everybody the one way to interpret reality. You're way. The way in which nothing is ever good enough for anyone, and everything should be more, and free!

Artista 1318d ago

all 8 gen consoles have been released. Games are games, regardless of the hardware generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.