Killer Teddies & Vampire Stripping | Brilliant & Bonkers Japanese Games Hitting Europe

Dealspwn writes: If you're a regular here at, chances are you know that I love localised Japanese games. Often promising quirky ideas, new perspectives, interesting layered mechanics and gorgeous anime-inspired art styles, these niche titles tend to be a breath of fresh air that break up the release schedule beautifully. They don't get a free ride, but I always muck in and do my best to shed light on the scene, from tiny doujin games or larger yet still decidedly niche gems.

In times past, us Europeans have often found ourselves on the sharp end of import duties, region locking and publishers who just don't see us as a priority. Thankfully, these days, plenty of publishers, localisation houses and distributors are queuing up to bring us a wide variety of translated and localised games on numerous platforms, often with little or no delay compared to the States.

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The weird side of the japanese videogame industry in one page