Xbox One Controller Reduced to £29.95

Dealspwn writes: Today's deal will save you over £5 for a spare official Xbox One wireless controller. Yes, it's still bloody expensive, but at least they're cheaper than the PS4 pads which are £40. Admittedly, there aren't many games that feature local multiplayer, so you may be better off buying a play and charge kit kit instead. But if you've got some mates coming round you'll need one of these to play multiplayer for the likes of Killer Instinct, Lego Hobbit, FIFA 14 or maybe even Tekken X Street Fighter in the distant future.

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Yi-Long1468d ago

The XBO controllers were priced 75 euro(!) around here in Holland...

Luckily, it seems now that the release is coming near, those ridiculous prices are also somewhat coming down.

PS4 controllers are also very expensive here btw. 55-60 euro seems to be the official price. Same as the Dual-Shock 3 controllers.

.... which is why I usually buy a couple when I'm in Hong Kong... where they're pretty much half that price.

Volkama1467d ago

They cost loads more than this in the UK when the console launched as well. Good to see they are coming down to more acceptable prices, though I want to see a wireless dongle so I can get one for the PC!

generalthadeape1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

I had two Xbox One controllers a while ago.

Got rid of one bacause I didn't see much use for it.

I know it's a bit early in this console generation, but there really aren't many games that support two player local co-op right now.

I can see that having two PS4 controllers can be useful when playing long sessions and not wanting to plug the controller in all the time-- but all it takes to refresh the batteries on the XBox One controller is to take the old ones out and pop the new ones in.

On a side note, I found that this was easier to do than to have to reset/resync the PS4 controller back to Player 1 ( I just hate the color red that Sony uses for Player 2).

Neither controller or scenario is absolutely "better" than the other, there just both a little "different".

Goro1467d ago

Nice, i'm buying one this week for PC gaming so this is convenient.

1467d ago
ThePope1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

The X1 controller is the nicest I've ever used. So that's a nice deal.

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