Digital Foundry VS Metro Redux

The Xbox one and PS4 versions of Metro Redux go head to head against last gen in this Digital Foundry Analysis.

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GarrusVakarian1444d ago

1080p, rock-solid 60fps, with those visuals.

Seriously impressive stuff. I'm glad I didn't play the last-gen versions.

CernaML1444d ago

I laugh at those claiming these next gen consoles are no big leap. We had games that made last gen consoles drop to their knees and cry at sub 720p30fps resolutions. Now look at them. A full blown 1080p60fps without breaking a sweat.

Kayant1444d ago

With effects updates too ;)..... For the price they really are not bad machines.

GarrusVakarian1444d ago

And it's not as if it's some graphically-basic title, either. It's a very, very good looking game, especially out in the open areas. Which makes the 1080p 60fps more impressive.

Ezz20131444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Guys, no one noticed the new exclusive from Microsoft in that article ?!

the new exclusive is .....912p Resolution

ever heard of that Resolution before now ?

Future_20151444d ago

big leap from 2006 technology what do u expect but quite crap compared to mid/high end pcs

Ghost_Nappa1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

People who complain about 720p this gen need to realize just how many AAA games last gen were sub- hd

CernaML1444d ago

"but quite crap compared to mid/high end pcs"

You mean those same PCs that also dropped to their knees and cried while trying to max out these games? ;)

1444d ago
mezati991444d ago

"Keyword is last gen. This is next gen"

actually it's current gen

GarrusVakarian1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

@ Future_2015

Yeah, ok...."quite crap", whatever you say. Call me when you can build a PC for £350/ $400 (even cheaper elsewhere) that could run this game, with those visuals, at 1080p with a rock-solid 60fps.

You PC elitists are hilarious. The PS4 can finally run games like this at 1080p 60fps, equivalent to 'high' settings on PC, but you still bash it and compare it to modern high-end PC's in order to maintain your feeling of superiority. Why don't you just give it the praise it deserves? You would need a much more powerful and much more expensive PC to run this game at the same settings as the PS4 with a rock-solid 60fps.

NatureOfLogic_1444d ago

PS4 full native 1080p. Xbox One newly exclusive native 912p. Will Xbox One continue to struggle and have weird variable resolutions from 742p to 998p? 720p or 1080p. Lets keep it simple, no more upscaling from weird resolutions.

Eiffel1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


To be fair, the the Metro series has been notorious for it's optimization. This is from a fair chunk of developers who made the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series which was also notorious for it's optimization problems, they're based in Ukraine where working conditions are less than satisfactory, frequent power outages, government snooping, freezing temperatures, no heating et cetera has followed with both games development. Metro Last: Light for the same reason was a behemoth of a game to run on a solid frame rate on PC. Make no mistake, if the original release was ported to current gen consoles it would be a train wreck just the same to run without stripping it down. The Redux release however appears to have given the series it's much needed optimization to run well on all platforms.

imt5581444d ago

Great respect for 4A! They delivered a TRULY REMASTERED Metro games for PS4/Xbone/PC. And 2 games for only 50$. Take my money.

Nice to see 1080p/rock solid 60fps on PS4. Metro 2033 are notorious for optimization on PC.

Vegamyster1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )


Last Light wasn't actually that hard to run surprisingly on the PC (Original 2033 was a system hog) It only brought higher end set-up to their knee's when you enabled Nvidia Physx, Tessellation & SSAA 2+ but with those things off and the other settings on high the game ran and looked great, really impressed with 4A.

SilentNegotiator1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

"PS4 hits its 60fps target at full 1080p, while Xbox One currently stands at a curious 912p native resolution - that would be something in the region of 1620x912 (assuming square pixels). The original plan for Xbox One was to ship at 900p, but the June XDK update (returning the Kinect GPU resources to developers) has allowed for a tiny resolution boost"

Honestly, what's the benefit of even bothering to bring up the resolution by 12 horizontal pixels? That resolution isn't even going to scale well, is it?

So much for the June SDK making games 1080p.

tee_bag2421443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Making this monster run at 1080p 60fps is a big achievement. This game is a mammoth hog on PC. They've massively toned down the lighting, tessellation and Physx but even still it's running how it should be which makes me happy - 60fps! Lovely and for a $400 it's good value.
The is a great game and way under appreciated. Enjoy it fellas

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Magicite1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I played Last Light when I had gtx580 and it couldnt handle the game on max settings.

Lol @ ''June XDK update (returning the Kinect GPU resources to developers) has allowed for a tiny resolution boost[12p]''

RadioActiveTwinky1444d ago

Lol your so full of it. I have 570's in SLI which is equivalent to a 580. Ran the game on max no problem. Just had to turn down the aa to 2xmsaa.

RIP_Cell1444d ago

ps4 is not running this at max PC settings,

"Some of the high-end options found on PC don't make their way across to the Redux - if tessellation is utilised, it's to nowhere near the same degree as the PC version for example, and extreme rendering options like super-sampling are obviously off the table too. "

user56695101444d ago

You already know ps fanboys are not going to listen. In their world this game is maxed and performs better than anything on pc, even though it's missing features and that this upgraded version is on pc too with better performance and feature.

Biggest1443d ago

You ran the game at max settings, but with certain settings not at max. Are you sure that you get the whole "max settings" thing?

starchild1443d ago

Anit-aliasing is usually considered separately. Nobody expects to have to ruan a game a 8x SSAA or something ridiculous like that in order to say you have, for all intents and purposes, maxed the game.

funkybudda1443d ago


that's what PC Mustard Race likes to argue about, when the article's main comparison is really between the PS4 vs. Xbox One.

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MeliMel1444d ago

Were getting spoiled with these remasters. Keep em coming. Never play a Metro game but have this preorder, cant wait.

thisismyaccount1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I barely see any major difference to be honest, looks more like a PS3 port running at 1080p / 60fps and not a pc port running at very high.

[email protected] Comparison .png

... didnt they delay this, from early 2014 or late 2013 to summer 2014? Kinda a ripoff to me, 40€ for a 1080p boost-upgade?

GarrusVakarian1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


*Wants to make a point*

*Uses YT screen-grabs*


Back-to-Back1444d ago

lol the highly prasised June sdk update let them go from 900p to 912p. #XBOXFail

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TheWackyMan1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

The graphical differences in last light are miniscule because of how recent it is. Metro 2033 has had a LOT changed and I wish the submitter would embed that video as well.

OpieWinston1444d ago

Actually the graphical differences in Last light between last gen and PC is massive.
The PC version was beautiful, and I don't expect next gen to reach Last Light on Max settings (Requires a Titan model GPU)
But I do expect a noticeable difference when you play both games side by side, than again their team wasn't good at optimization.

And Metro 2033 was another poorly optimized game. So the differences between last gen consoles and maxed out PC are massive, which is why it's expected for this game to look good on X1/PS4. But if they just cut the FPS (It doesn't need 60 FPS...) they could've done a bit better at getting it close to PC.

theshredded1444d ago

this is one of the very rare games that I'd like to buy despite having a metacritic rating less than 85.Only thing that worries me though is the replay value.

OpieWinston1444d ago

You rely on the opinions of others to make an objective decision about what games you play?

I never understood why people let Reviewers be judge jury.
Sure Metacritic is an accumulation of multiple reviews but there are some heavily underrated games that you may enjoy because you LOVE that idea of game.

For example...If you were a metal head and you didn't play Brutal legend because it's Metacritic was 82, you missed out...
If you like an amazing Psycho thriller experience, and you didn't play Alan Wake because it's Metacritic was 83.

Got to ignore Metacritic, unless you're on the fence about a game. If it's the first thing you go to, then you'll be missing out on a lot of great experiences.


Withdrawing from the bubble bank now... Well said sir ;)

VealParmHero1444d ago

I agree with you. Reviews can be useful but you really cannot go by score. At the very least, read several reviews from trusted sources to find out what exactly bought the score down. Some games almost sound like 9's when reading the review, but some minor issues build up or maybe there is just a bad ending etc. Doesn't mean the game isn't awesome, it just means they have to be fair and take off points for things. Also, watch gameplay. I mean if a game seems like something you don't normally like, and it reviews poorly, then ok. But don't just look at a number and turn down a game.

andydalum1444d ago

I agree 100% I have owned a xbox one since it came out and i am not disappointed like alot seem to be. Games like Ryse and Forza 5 have kept me entertained along with titanfall and the multiplats i have. Ryse is horrible says everyone BUT me and titanfall i will never play call of duty again now i can't play without wall running and being able to go anywhere on the map not just look at the things.

mezati991444d ago

wait you only buy games that have 85 metacritic rating or more?! i feel sorry for you

Why o why1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

We are all our own best reviewers but I do understand that spending money will nilly isn't feasible for all especially with the cost of living nowadays. Relying on reviews for guidance isn't strange or uncommon. Having a meta bar isn't silly either. You may miss a lot of experiences but that's your prerogative. We've all enjoyed games others have shitted on or hated games most people or reviewers love. . It's how it goes guess

Farsendor11444d ago

your comment makes no sense to me.

theshredded1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Most of the time,yes but I do some research before purchasing that's why I said rarely.
it's that I don't want to be a collector this gen like last gen.I spent over $1200 on games that I am selling now.I don't want to spend a fortune with this gen.Proof of that is that I haven't bought any game yet on my ps4 except my bundled game and flower which I bought with the $10 voucher that came with the console.Also not to mention Ps plus,that service saved me a lot.

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cruzngta1444d ago

Dat 912p!!!! I am pumped! Gonna go out and buy the XB1 version and play it in glorious pixel bursting 912p on my Plasma 2day !!!!!!! These resolutions for the Bone are becoming more and more intriguing. 792p? 912? Possibly 882p on new COD later this year. Pretty freaking sweet!!! All kidding aside at least they got this to 900p - nice to see them use the 10% reserve to bump the rez and help the framerate. Da Bone Train yo!!!!!!!!

VealParmHero1444d ago

Well to be fair, 1080 is deff what you would hope for. But honestly the diff sure isnt that serious on my 42 inch screen. I have even gotten to play some games on both my ps4 and xb1 and it never really blew my mind. If you have an xb1 only, or simply want to get this game on x1, then it is nothing to get all that upset over. But again, to be fair, yes, 1080 is obviously better.

jcnba281444d ago

This is a must buy for me and the price is great €39 for two games.

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