Will Rain be Revealed for Mortal Kombat X at Gamescom?

Junkie Monkeys: We’ve already gotten a tease from GamePRO Magazine on Kano’s addition to the Mortal Kombat X roster, but what about the other reveal? Along with the Kano leak, a new character is also said to be revealed in the near future (according to the magazine). Seeing as Gamescom 2014 is coming up, Ed Boon took to the internet to tease his fans with a possible reveal during the four day event.

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core_51169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

it could be also Mileena

WillGuitarGuy1169d ago

Sadness and the pic below go hand in hand though.

scark921169d ago

I hope so, I never got to play as him in MK9, and I love Rain.

XisThatKid1168d ago

Sorry you didn't, He was a beast borderline broken. really fun to play with. Still play MK to this day we throw local tournies. Rain's in the top 5 almost every month or so

ZombieKiller1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I'd like to see Rain! I want to see him as part of the main story though. He's always interested me, but they gave him an edenian prince background then never followed though with details! I want to see more! Him and N00b are extremely interesting characters.