Skies Art of Destiny is Epic - Bungie

Everyone have a positive response who tried Destiny's beta. In Destiny, this time, Bungie give importance to Skies. Every different time, sky have a awesome beautiful and epic view to watch.
Mark Goldsworthy (Principal Artist) said:
"We treat the sky as another character in a game. We understand the high impact they can have and we give them the love they deserve. The term 'skybox' is a bit of a misnomer. 'Sky art' at Bungie includes the sky, mountains, epic vistas stretching before you--everything from underground caverns to planets in space, and more."
Bungie already tried skies in Halo game series but this time they are taking sky's views to the next level.
Mark Goldsworthy also said:
"We'd created great skies in [Halo] Reach, but we wanted to incorporate ever-changing lighting and atmospherics in Destiny. Transitioning from day to night with clouds, sunrises, and sunsets was the goal. We wanted them to be visually stunning and unique to each planet. Additionally, we layered in unique planetary sky and terrain elements to expand our universe. Above all else, the skies needed to be epic."

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Rockefellow1168d ago

This was too painful to read. I don't understand how taking a few seconds to proofread isn't worth it to these amateur writers trying to build a reader demographic.

TheWow1168d ago

Sometimes a couple of small errors make their way through, things like comma splices or accidentally pluralising things. But this is different lol. I assume he's not a native english speaker.