2014, A Disappointing Year Of Delays

I’m not gonna say that 2014 hasn't been a good year for games, but I won’t argue against it either. While we got to see a lot of cool shiz at E3 it also brought a lot of bad news preceding and during, with almost every major title deayed to 2015. Following, are in no particular order, the games we wont get to see till next year.

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NovusTerminus1501d ago

I am fine with the delays, as even after they got delayed, there is still so much to play. This is one time where I think they needed to clear out the holiday line up just for certain games to survive.

Smart move overall.

Yi-Long1501d ago

Same here. I rather see them take their time and release the game as good and complete as possible, instead of rushing it out the door and releasing a mediocre or buggy product.

BiggerBoss1501d ago

Exactly. I'd rather dissapointing delays than dissapointing games

DunDee9101501d ago

Thats all well and good to say. Howeer, if you "plan" a game properly there should be no excuse for a 6 month-a year delay. One or two months is understandable, but majority of these games are being delayed for multiple months to over a year.

NovusTerminus1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

You can plan it all you want, but if the fans don't like it then that's all there is to it. Which can be seen in Hardlines case.

What other timeframe can they choose? it has to be out before March (Fiscal year end) but if they delay it from September or October to December then everyone has already spent their money on gifts, effectively missing the holiday rush.

Jan, Feb and March are the only other options. and then you just get some extra time to fine tune the game.

brightlight1500d ago

I guess we'll also be fine when half of the 2015 announced games will be delayed for 2016, because the issue is not the game being delay rather the publishers not planning ahead and giving in the same time false hopes. Tbh I'm not too angry for this fall because there were too many games to play and enjoy.

chrissx1501d ago

I'd rather have a well polished game than a buggy rushed product

andydalum1501d ago

Game Devs have said before if you let them release their game when it was "ready" it never would be. Always things you can add and things you can tweak never will you have a game with zero bugs you would just get at best more content and probably more bugs lol :D look at skyrim

guitarded771501d ago

I'd rather developers hit their targeted deadline than announce an unrealistic release date, then have to move it back every time.

andydalum1501d ago

Delays are not horrible we have plenty of great games coming out this year.

Dragon Age
Forza horizon 2
Lords of the Fallen
minecraft :D (New Consoles)
Halo MCC
sunset overdrive
Diablo 3 expansion for console

Do we really need more this year i will have a backlog already already have all those games payed off and im excited for when they come out.

andibandit1501d ago

Its really cool that you love every genre of games, but for most of us, that isnt the case

andydalum1501d ago

If you don't mind me asking what genre do you like. Personally as you pointed out i love all genre's which is why i love playing on console have exclusive for every genre on consoles. But as for the delays which one is getting to you because as i pointed out all the games i am getting their is every genre for the most part.

Spotie1501d ago

@andi: That's a personal problem, and one the industry can't do anything about.

Heisenburger1501d ago

Yeah personally I'm all about Minecraft(been waiting since launch to play), Destiny, Dragon Age, looks like CoD too, along with possibly Shadow of Mordor also.

I don't think I could have been playing games as long as I have if I didn't like so many different genres.

1nsaint1501d ago

You forgot Super Smash Bros 4 my friend :)

Reek1500d ago

Even though I'm only getting LBP3, AC R, and Destiny.
See? You don't have to get ALL games that comes out! Just get the games you feel you'll love the most.
Now let's enjoy what we have while it lasts.

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Strangelover1501d ago

Anyway, 2015 is going to be one of the best years in history if not the best:
Batman: AK, Dying Light, Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Quantum Break, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Evolve, The Division, The Order 1886, Scalebound, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, No Mans Sky, Half-life 3, MGS5, Mortal Combat X, Homefront, Persona 5

Brettman20081501d ago

Half Life 3, be nice if that was true! I am hoping for Left 4 Dead 3.

Strangelover1501d ago

I put it here to check whether people will read my post

Are_The_MaDNess1501d ago

they have already leaked info about that they are working on L4D3. its on the way.

but as leaks and hits in the new Source code tells us anything...... L4D2 will get a a Source 2 port before that.

InTheZoneAC1501d ago

agree with you minus the Halo 5 part...

mikel10151501d ago

Zelda U, Xenoblade Chronicles X

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