The Order: 1886 "Cinematic brilliance" Changes Gaming As We Know It - Exclusive PS4 Guide

A video game for movie lovers. Ever wanted to be in a movie? Now you can. The Order 1886 looks and feels like an actual movie. Players will feel part of this dark and thrilling title.

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SniperControl1357d ago

Roll on February is all i can say.

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Future_20151357d ago

its 30fps for the cinematic experience, not my words the developer

tee_bag2421357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Lol if you're still buying into that BS PR I've got some snake oil to sell you.
Total Biscuit covered the Order's BS specifically in the link below.

Kivespussi1357d ago

Yep, I was interested in the game at first but after that 30fps cinematic crap I'll not be buying anything from these guys again. It's just because it's a complete lie. 30fps is not any better than 60 at anything. It's just choppier. At least if you make a game at 30fps admit it's because the console couldn't handle pretty graphics and 60fps. Not that it's "an artistic choice", you'll just make yourselves look stupid.

sinspirit1357d ago


It's not that it is cinematic due to the 30fps. It is that cutting down the framerate allowed more resources to make the graphics and game itself more cinematic. People keep looking at the surface and framerate and resolution itself without even thinking anything else is involved.

Spotie1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Some of you guys seriously try too hard.

@sinspirit: That's exactly why some folks think that a game being 1080p 60fps on both console means the games are the same, graphically. Even though those same people will talk about anti aliasing and other effects any other time, it seems like they forget when it comes to certain games.

Like The Order. Then they come in here and troll.


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cannon88001357d ago

Dude, I hope this game has a photo mode. It would be amazing.

oxybulle1357d ago

That would be amazing. Sony should include a photo mode framework in the SDK so all dev would have photo mode.

HaveAsandwich1356d ago

^^^tee bag

totalbiscuit is an over opinionated british jackass. no back ground, no credentials. just a fucking head, with a mouth.

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Rainbowcookie1357d ago

I really like the setting etc , but would like to wait and see more gameplay. Them letterboxes ...but the graphics and effects might make me try to look past them.

Wni01357d ago

uncharted's had the gameplay to back up their cinematic views and aesthetic, lets hope these guys arent just making another tech demo.

Locknuts1357d ago

Unless you've got the gameplay to back it up, leave cinematics in the cinema please.

TwinsOfAllGames1357d ago

enough with the cinematic bs i want Games not a movie like experience

sinspirit1357d ago

They are both forms of expressive media. It's kind of difficult for there never to be movie-like games. And, obviously you never have to play these games if you honestly don't like games like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid which have pushed cinematic and movie-like games. It's preference.

ooquis1357d ago

As everything evolves so does gaming. The gaming industry is going to "be" the movies of tomorrow (interactive movies) whether you like it or not. So get with the program my friend.

TwinsOfAllGames1357d ago

@oouiqs so you think gaming evolved in the last 10 years? i think not

why videogames should be movie experience when movie theaters already give you this experience ?

gaming are going to devolve mark my word its a fact that gaming has become more dumb

more devs don't even try anymore

i invite you to list me 5 things why you think gaming has evolved

MysticStrummer1357d ago

You must not have been gaming for very long if you think gaming hasn't evolved.

1) Visuals (from overall looks to face/body animations)
2) Gameplay mechanics
3) Sound
4) AI
5) Storytelling

There, that's 5 things and all have evolved incredibly, making games much more immersive. You may not want cinematic experiences or other types of games, but thankfully you're not the final authority on what happens in gaming.

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user56695101357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

this game will be revolutionary. it will change gaming.. no the country... no the world... no the cosmos.. NO, it will change the face of GOD!!!

it has been decided, if not sony will decide it for us.

in sony we trust. hail sony. it has written.

chaosx1357d ago

It will be just like second son and Last of us, A fantastic campaign that you will play through twice to get the trophies, then traded and the market will be flooded with cheap secondhand copies.

DarkOcelet1357d ago

I dont even know why people trade their games unless they are really bad and last i heard second son and the last of us were great and you shouldnt give them away as you will most likely want to replay that a year later or something and with that logic we should trade in all our games then , hell i still play resident evil trilogy and parasite eve till this day and they are 6 to 7 hour experience and i still have my ps1 physical copies and will never sell them ...

TwinsOfAllGames1357d ago

well the ps1 games are masterpiece than modern games that's why we never trade these psx games ;)

Master-H1356d ago

And that applies to the majority of games nowadays with the exception of Multiplayer heavy titles and MMOs , if you can't afford that perhaps you should stick to those, get Cod/BF or FIFa and WoW and be done with it and play the same thing over and over, i recommend EA Access lol.

btw TLOU has a fantastic mp fyi.

GW2121356d ago

TLOUR has one of the best MPs I've ever played.

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