Rumor: Third Party Exclusive Titles Coming To PS4, Developers Moving To Platform With Large Fan Base

According to rumors coming to from Colonge, Germany, third party exclusive titles will arrive on Playstation 4 soon and as a business move, developers are moving to platform where the most people are.

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nicksetzer11353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Hmm, that would require Sony to dole out some serious cash no matter what the situation is. (Just like MS does for it's 3rd party games) That aside, obviously devs/publishers would definitely take the larger base as a huge plus for making their titles exclusive to a platform. Would be cool to see what some of the 3rd party devs could do with the PS4 if they solely work with it.

Coming from tidux though, who has not been right in quite a while, I take this more as an obvious possibility rather than insider info. (Aka IMO he is pushing an educated guess as "insider info")

@aceit no, obviously you didn't read it. The article says tidux said that "on the heels" of the ryse 2 quote from yerli. His tweet in no way has anything to do with that, as he says 3rd party EXCLUSIVES, not MS exclusives coming to PS4.

Direct quote:
"rumor from Cologne, ***third-party exclusive titles to #PS4 is coming.*** developers moving to the platform where the most people are. classic."

Also, IDK why you are so pissy, I am not insulting the PS4, the author, or even the notion of the information at all. Would you prefer I come in and not talk about the topic at hand?

aceitman1353d ago

@nicksetzer, I know from ur comment that u did not read the story and r going by the title, the story states xbox exclusive titles r rumored to be coming to ps4 ryse 2 titanfall 2. And possibly the next dead rising game due to poor game sales on x1. So ms wont have these exclusives. Cause the devs want to make more money and they see how the playstation 4 is selling extremely well. So its not that it will be sony exclusive but it will not be exclusive to ms anymore.

BiggerBoss1353d ago

@aceitman, I think you need to read it again because that is NOT what the article says

OT: it would make sense that the Ps4 would get more third party exclusive due to the large discrepancy in sales, but being that this is Tidux I'd take it with a grain of salt because he's probably just guessing...

NewMonday1353d ago

this is already happening and the trend will only grow, games like Samurai Warriors and Guilty Gear Xrd are new gen exclusives on the PS4 and Sony aren't paying anything for them.

last gen game sales were mostly split 50/50 between 360/PS3 with shooters slightly 10-20% ahead on 360 and action/adventure games slightly ahead 10-20% on PS3..

..but this time all games are selling more on PS4 over XB1 by a huge margin from 100% to more than 200%..

for many publishers setting up a big muti-platform development team will no longer be economically viable and will just set up smaller dev teams to focus on one console.

Infamous2981353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@NewMonday 6th generation all over again. Man, ps2 got alot of 3rd party exclusives back in the day, it will interesting to see it happening again with the ps4.

ZodTheRipper1353d ago

First post is pretty funny, a Xbox fan thinks that because Microsoft has to pay for 3rd party exclusives Sony has to as well. Too bad for him that it's not necessary like that - if PS4 continues to outsell the X1 chances are high that we'll see even more (there already are a few) 3rd party exclusives where it was only the developers/publishers decision to make it exclusive.

bouzebbal1353d ago

Jap third party support is what I'm looking forward to

amiga-man1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

This is why sales matter, a larger install base of machines will at the very least mean it is the development platform of choice and with the PS4 looking to become the dominant platform this gen it would make perfect sense for developers to focus their effort increasingly in that direction, from there the possibility of exclusivity isn't that big a leap to make.

aceitman1353d ago

@biggerboss I think u need to read it again this is a part of the article. incase u didn't scroll all the way down .
This rumor comes immediately after yesterday's interview of Crytek's Boss Cevat Yerli to EuroGamer. Yerli stated that there is a good chance of Ryse 2 coming to Playstation 4 and they are not happy with Xbox One sales. He added that for Ryse's sequel they are waiting for the right time i.e waiting for fan base to increase.

It's an open secret that Playstation 4 sales are way ahead of Xbox One, Q1 2014, PS4, PS3 and PS2 Combined Sold 3.5 Million as compared to just 1.1 million units combined sales of Xbox One and Xbox 360. Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 were initially announced as Xbox One exclusive title but are now confirmed to be coming to PC. Furthermore, there are rumors that Titanfall sequel, Titanfall 2 is also in development for Playstation 4.
I read the whole thing these are third party exclusives that are on X1 that are coming to ps4 . while there are exclusive 3rd part titles coming to ps4 already deepdown is one but this will not see its way to X1 .

The 10th Rider1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@New Monday,

Those sell well in Japan, where the Xbox1 isn't even out. I wouldn't expect to see many Western third party exclusives on PS4 as Xbox typically does better in the West so games will likely come to both. In the West it'll be a battle between the PS4 and the Xbox1 and in the East it's a battle between the PS4, Wii U, and PS3. In the East both the Wii U and the PS4 are getting lots of exclusives...But IMO the PS3 is beating both of them right now.

Gamingcapacity1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@Zod. Sony might have to pay for games to be exclusive but it will cost far less to get exclusive games.

The publishers will want to maximise their profits so Sony will have to compensate for lost sales that would of been on other consoles. So the publishers will more than likely want Sony to cough up the predicted profit that they would of made on other consoles in order to keep it exclusive. Right now they are dominating sales so thats why it would cost them less. On the flip side, MS would have to pay considerably more to cover the loss in profits to keep it from PS4.

Either that or Sony helps out with development in some way (maybe Santa Monica could chip in) or Sony constructs and pays for an advertising campaign. You know, those adverts you see for a 3rd party game and you see "buy on console 'x' now" at the end.

mixolydian_id1352d ago

I feel like it's another ploy. Perhaps Sony are lowering dev costs for 3rd parties.
I would t think they'd simply just pay more... They'd rather not pay at all...

If they managed to swindle ms out of 3rd party titles, it may give the image that devs are dropping the xb1. Although, that would be on the premise that the devs always have discount licensing.. When would decide to return to the platform the damage would've already been done.

Just speculating, but it would be a very crafty way to beat down the underdog

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user14394141353d ago

Sony will ALWAYS come out on top in this console WAR. Its clear that the games creators will want to move to the console with the MOST POWER and the BIGGEST FANBASE in the WORLD. I cant wait to see what brand new games will be released ONLY ON PLAYSTATION. :) Sony already have the best exclusives RIGHT NOW. :)

mixolydian_id1352d ago

Hardly biggest fan base In The world.

imt5581353d ago

Sony DIDN'T pay for many 3RD party exclusives during PS2 era because large base. It was a developer will and a safe bet.

lelo1353d ago

I find this funny about fanboys. If a game is multiplatform, nobody gives a crap about the game, but if it's exclusive to their platform of choice, then it's the most interesting game in the world. Fanboys really are stupid.

Why o why1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Not always true. Many loved dark souls, batman etc. Multies tend to sell well despite what you read or people say here. Hype now, well, thatsa different matter. ps fans weren't really appreciating bungie before the switch neither were xbox fans of insomniac. Downplay what you don't have, laud what you do. The reaction of both camps regarding the aforementioned switches differed slightly. We've all seen the articles

Ezz20131353d ago

can you prove that ,@lelo ?

MysticStrummer1353d ago

@Ezz - Of course not. Sweeping generalizations are a huge red fanboy flag. Some guy yesterday claimed that all PS3 fanboys said they hated FPS.

morganfell1353d ago

I love games, Multiplat or not. But when a game is platform exclusive it is more likely to take advantage of all of that platform's unique features and push it to the edge. Of course thankfully console parity seems to have died off this gen and PS owners are not paying as big a price in that regard.

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Godmars2901353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

For one thing, Sony's not known for spending the amounts MS does for exclusives. Or rather exclusive content. Sony might be doing something behind the scenes, lowering licensing fees, promising ads for non AAAs, but direct payouts are doubtful.

For another, there seems to be mounting evidence that aside from a few titles like Halo and COD, games don't sell like they should.

Consoldtobots1353d ago

I think you just described the number one reason why the 360 had so much suppport from the industry. Everybody loves a moneybag but it's not a realistic business model.

Godmars2901353d ago

"For another, there seems to be mounting evidence that aside from a few titles like Halo and COD, games don't sell like they should *on Xbox systems.*"

What is it with me and not typing out words?

styferion1353d ago

3rd party exclusives aren't always being paid by the console company.
for example many of niche JRPG titles being exclusives to Sony/Nintendo because they have loyal fanbase on them and it'd cause loss instead of profit if they release it on other platform, especially if it's a retail titles. The small sales won't be able to cover the development and publishing cost.
unless of course, the cost of development/publishing is being paid by console company like most cases of launch title exclusives.

VealParmHero1353d ago

@setzer- Why all the disagrees? Just say you hate Xbox one at the end of any comment and you will end up with so many bubbles you device will float away...just saying.

tordavis1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I don't think a 4-5 million consoles lead is reason to go 3rd party exclusive.

Reading through this page I can see there are a lot of idiots.

Spotie1353d ago

No, not that much of a lead by itself. But factor in that lead in less than a year, and consider it's most likely to only grow larger as the gen goes on. Anybody with a brain can look at current trends and see that; obviously, devs are taking note.

If there are any idiots in here, it's the ones who disregard that future possibility.

neomahi1353d ago

Sony doesn't have a lot of money to throw around. They're borderline bankrupt remember? Where is the money coming from to pay for these exclusives then? Sony may be offering them higher profits on Sony's Royalties but, they don't have the money. The profits Sony Computer Entertainment are making have to go toward making up the differences of Sony Corporation as well. Their company needs to be profitable again and Sony Computer Entertainment has to fill that void so, they can't she'll out money like it's going out of style, they have to dig themselves frugally out of the financial hole they're in to pay their investors.

kneon1353d ago


When the developer can make a better roi by focusing on just one platform they don't need additional financial incentive.

gootimes1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Sony doesn't need the most money, just the most popular and powerful system with the largest install base.

Microsoft on the other hand needs to dole out serious cash just to try and keep up...

neomahi1353d ago

I would respectfully disagree with you. True, desperate times call for desperate measures. Let's look at Nintendo first. Sonic Worlds? From third - party Sega but, I heard was funded by Nintendo. Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2? Funded by Nintendo exclusively for Wii U. The next Fatal Frame? Exclusive to Nintendo.

Now, a business is a business. This isn't a charity or loyalty matter. If your business doesn't make money, it doesn't thrive and put food on its employees tables, cloths on their backs, or roofs over their heads. Sony had so rediculous a lead over the competition for PS2, Microsoft had to do something for the 360. Gamers expected Sony would once again succeed for the third time running. Sony had Metal Gear and a Final Fantasy game in the pipeline for their new console. So, Microsoft came up with mass DLC and would purchase exclusive DLC to sell their games since they couldn't buy off devs themselves. That was all Microsoft had to fight back with. They wanted devs for exclusives but, devs still wanted to develop elsewhere. Microsoft thought they could build relationships based on leniency thinking third - party devs would eventually side with Microsoft. Microsoft thought DLC would be the incentive to build a wider install base to the point they'd dominate the market and popular vote would deem them on top. Well, devs saw an increase in PS3 interest and money to be made. Devs and Microsoft, trying to be the good guy, said "sure! We've made the money we could to get the sales that tripled what we paid for exclusivity so, go ahead." But, Sony didn't work that way. They had Nintendo in them and not a lot of money to buy off $70 million exclusives either. When Sony made exclusive content deals, they made sure it stayed. At one point, Microsoft sold off everything they had and Mass Effect eventually saw it's way to PlayStation.

Business is about return on investment. Devs are gonna go where the most money is, unless the company feels desperate. Look at Ryse for example. It tanked on the Xbox One. Creek is facing financial difficulties and Ryse didn't make them the money they needed. They're now headed to PC and it sounds like it could be going to PS4. Crytek acknowledged that they're bound by a "non - disclosure" agreement, which is likely with Microsoft. I'm sure Ted Price thought he bet on the right horse with Xbox but, now that he's looking things over, he doesn't want the 180 treatment Microsoft got so he's going to launch exclusively on Microsoft and work out a one year agreement. Close to the end of that non - disclosure agreement, Ted Price will return to Sony's offices and talk with Adam Boyes and negotiate Sunset Overdrive on PS4 now that Sony can't demand the IP rights to maximize his profits. Sony could have offered Insomniac a hefty sum for Sunset Overdrive but, Microsoft offered a hefty sum for timed exclusivity and let them keep the rights in hopes that Insomniac would return, also knowing Sony's pedigree and trying to take some of that. Still, Ted Price has to think of his company and the number one rule of business, your return needs to be greater than your investment. Xbox sales aren't going to meet that and Sunset Overdrive isn't going to be big enough to redeem the Xbox One from Microsofts big screw up. I'm not hearing it anywhere. PS4 customers know a little patience over the span of what's coming out will tide them over until that non - disclosure agreement expires. That's why Insomniac kept the rights insistantly. It gave them the option for if they did bet on the wrong horse.

So, it's not all about money. It's still about install base and businessmen don't always make the best choices. Sometimes they have to make mistakes and alter their business model.

_-EDMIX-_1353d ago

"The next Fatal Frame? Exclusive to Nintendo" It is, but thats based on Nintendo now owns the IP.

Sunset Overdrive like many other titles is likely a timed game as like you said, Insomniac owns the IP.

Whats happening now with the timed games isn't because they did poorly on XONE. I have no damn clue why poeple think that a game doing poorly has to do with the ports release.

GTAV do bad? Cause its getting a port. Likeliness is that Ryse, Dead Rising, Titan Fall etc were always going to be coming to PS4 as they where merely timed games on XONE.

Lets say Ryse, Dead Rising and Titan Fall do HUGE numbers on all the more likely they will be egar to port it over.

Business isn't about getting a certain amount of money LMFAO! ITS ABOUT GETTING THE MOST!

NO amount of sales was going to keep such a title on one platform, if it sells low, they are looking to recoup, sells great they are looking to keep gaining profit, sells could sell better on another system to.

One doesn't merely port just cause a game is doing good or bad, its to make money. Companies are always looking to port to make money as this is a business.

KwietStorm1353d ago

You mean it would take Microsoft having to dole out cash in order for this not to happen. If the developers are making the decision on their own, it doesn't take any further persuasion from Sony. This is no different than the PS1 and PS2 eras, where devs just made the logical decision to go where the large audience is.

showtimefolks1352d ago

days of 3rd party permanent exclusives are over, there is too much money to be had to release a big game for one console. For a limited time yes, but even than it will cost the console makers a lot of money

President1352d ago

Stop believing rumours that can't even spell the name of the city that is hosting the show: Cologne. This is just another no name website hunting for clicks, they don't have any sources, they just want to be at the spotlight by making things up, like no name websites usually do and submit it on N4G.

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sam_job1353d ago

this was always on the card, perfect example if Crytek and Ryse: the xbox one exclusivity deal turned out to be a disaster for Crytek and there was some serious financial crunch so much so that they have to sell Homefront franchise and hand over the development of Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver. Now, for a reviewing their strategy and have already hinted that there is a possibility of Ryse 2 coming to PS4.

nicksetzer11353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Crytek had issues with ryse because it was a crap game, not because MS paid them tons of money for exclusivity. Also, if one game pushed them into financial instability as you claim, (totally not the case) then they weren't doing a very good job budgeting and running their business.

XiMasterChief1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Crytek can't even pay it's own developers. They had to sell the HM IP which they aquired from THQ. What makes you think they can afford to make Ryse 2. Also he said they are waiting for XB sales to go up before making the sequel. Never in his interview did he confirm nor hint it is coming to PS4.

Less not forget their plans to turn into a FREE TO PLAY STUDIO.

SniperControl1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I hate exclusives as they force me to buy a piece of equipment i dont particularly need or want, i am still looking at getting a X1 eventully but there is nothing on the horizon game wise that is pushing me to buy one.

Titanfall 2 and Ryse 2 coming to PS just makes business sense all round, potentially having 9+million extra customers to buy there games.

colonel1791353d ago

"I hate exclusives as they force me to buy a piece of equipment i dont particularly need or want,"

The point of exclusive is that the console they are on, becomes the console you need and want.

I have a PS4 because most of the games I like are Sony first party, and I don't have a problem at all playing third party games on PS4. (last gen on PS3). If a game I really like comes to the Xbox One, then I would find a way to play it on a friend's Xbox, because is not good investment to buy a console for just one game. If Microsoft start to announce MANY games I like, then, I would get an Xbox One.

VforVideogames1353d ago

Well what games do you like? because as of now ps4 has non. Greatness awaits ...... and waits.... and...

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whoyouwit041353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

that's the biggest load of shit I have heard TRUE 3rd parties exclusives are dead, and if anyone thinks other wise they are kidding them selves. I mean seriously the PS4 barley has 10 million consoles out why the hell would any company go exclusives this early?

1353d ago
pwnsause_returns1353d ago

havent we learned from the PS2 era? or from the PS1 era for that matter, true, things have changed, but devs always go where the platform with the biggest install base goes.

The_Eternal_one1353d ago

Wait what? "I mean seriously the PS4 barley has 10 million consoles out" hmm must be confused with something else.

Kosmacz1353d ago

But this is already happening - Bound by the flame, Moto GT.

Chevalier1353d ago

Akiba's Trip
Guilty Gear Xrd
Natural Doctrine
Air Conflict Vietnam
Tropico 5
Warriors Orochi
Deep Down

Most of which release over the next 4 months. Along with the ones you've mentioned.

Inception1353d ago

"TRUE 3rd parties exclusives are dead"

Than tell me why 3rd parties games like Tales of Xillia 1 & 2, Tales of Zestiria, Persona 5, the next Yakuza, KH 2.5 HD, Samurai Warriors 4, or Guilty Gear Xrd still exclusive to playstation platform????

People who thinks 3rd parties exclusive are dead than their kidding themself.

colonel1791353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

They are definitely not dead, but there are much less. Also, all those games that you mentioned have one thing in common: They are from Japan, where Xbox install base is 2 million.

Western third party exclusives are dying for several reasons:

1. Publishers/Developers are greedy

2. Install base on PS3 and 360 was about the same. This gen we'll see what happens.

3. Microsoft WILL NOT let a game be exclusive to PlayStation. They will pay tons of money, they will buy the IP, they will buy the studio if necessary, but won't let that happen. However, of course, there are third party Xbox exclusives (read number one).

Godmars2901353d ago

"Microsoft WILL NOT let a game be exclusive to PlayStation."

And yet as you say that, there are western PS3/PS4 exclusives. Just as there are ones for 360/XB1. Though not so much 360.

MS may still have money to burn compared to Sony, but not as much as they use to. They have to pick specific fights, even more so with the changes in management.

MasterCornholio1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

"Microsoft WILL NOT let a game be exclusive to PlayStation."

They let Bloodborne become exclusive and they shouldn't have done that since From Software makes very popular games like Darksouls and Demonsouls.

"They will pay tons of money, they will buy the IP, they will buy the studio if necessary, but won't let that happen."

Even with their deep pockets they can't buy everything.

Talk about overestimating what they can do with their bank account. You assume they can just buy their way into everything but Surface, Xbox and Windows Phone prove you wrong.

_-EDMIX-_1353d ago

errr not really. Understand that those examples have huge reasons for why they exist solely on PS3.

Same reason why in Japan FFXIII only came out on PS3. It has to do with region. Less then 1 million 360's exist in Japan, thus no real point to releasing such a game in Japan on 360.

Persona 5 has mainly to do with that the series has really only been on PS systems and 360 has not received JRPGS so well in the past.

KH 2.5 HD and KH 1.5HD is only on PS3 for the same reason Splinter Cell collection and Prince Of Persia collection is only on PS3, Bluray. Understand that not every thing is a money hat.

Those titles are not "exclusive" to PS3 as much as they are by default on PS3. ie HL2 on XB wasn't "exclusive" to XB as much as by default it couldn't be released on PS2.

A great example would be KH III, despite zero KH games on XB, its on XONE.

3rd party exclusives in terms of first party publishers paying for timed games, Sony, Nintendo, MS etc still exist. No Man Sky, Bayonetta 2, more then half of MS games LMFAO! I just had to.

Sony doesn't own Hello Games and Hello Games has used the term "first" a few times when regarding PS4 exclusivity.

Bayonetta's IP isn't owned by Nintendo and its very likely to just get a port to PS3 and 360 later after release anyway.

MS timed games....well too many examples to list. 3rd party exclusives are merely timed games, if for what ever reason some games didn't make it on other platforms, its actually likely due to the publisher and not some sort of deal made.

ie MGS3 not being on XB might have to do with MGS2S poor sales on XB.

The reasoning behind certain games not appearing had at the time to due with porting cost, consoles back then where PAINS to port to and very, very costly. Now with the else of development, expect faster ports.

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styferion1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

dead, really?

in this year alone there's:
Tales of Xillia 2
Tales of Zestiria
KH 2.5
Natural Doctrine
Guilty Gear Xrd

waiting to be released, all of them 3rd party exclusives.

Menkyo1353d ago

Because statistically speaking and actually historically speaking the first console to hit 10 million sold first is the preferred console for the gen. This means that console usually continues to sell more units and copies of software then other hardware the entire gen. PS4 is reported (I'm not saying it's correct) to be sitting around 9.4 or 9.5 million going into this fall. At the current pace it will hit 10 million before the Holiday season.

The fact the PS4 is getting close to the magic number can sway Devs and Publishers to provide PS4 with more 3rd party exclusives. For anyone that owns an xbone that is not good but for PS4 owners its fantastic as that means games could look better and they could get more games.

SoapShoes1353d ago

True 3rd party exclusives are dead? Deep Down says hello!

kenshiro1001353d ago

That makes no logical sense whatsoever.

The PS4 is beating the XB1 in sales. Get used to it because this sounds like PS2 era all over again.

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