Creative Assembly addresses concerns about 'Alien: Isolation'

Creative Assembly lead designer, Al Hope, wants to assure gamers that 'Alien: Isolation' will be nothing like 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'.

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stanr1503d ago

I feel this game has potentials but I'm also a little skeptic, I might get it but I'm in no rush to pre-order.

CorndogBurglar1502d ago

How stupid.

Does anyone honestly think he would come out and say, "Hey everyone, don't buy this game. Its just as bad as Colonial Marines was!"

No. He would never say that.

Before Colonial Marines came out they were talking it up like ot was the coolest thing ever, but then it turned out to be the biggest disappointment of last gen gaming.

Keep in mind, I know this game doesn't have the horrendous development history the CM had, and I honestly don't think it will be terrible. But still. Are we to believe that it'll be good simply because the developer said so?

1nsomniac1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

According to N4G that's the general consensus of how we are supposed to treat these things, yes. reality though, common sense agrees with you!

Reibooi1502d ago

Personally I do think the game will be good but I am kinda expecting alot of people to hate it regardless.

When you think of a Alien game you probably don't think something along the lines of Isolation. What probably comes to mind is something more like what CM was trying to be but better.

I honestly think it will be a awesome game but there are gonna be tons of folks who despite it being good won't like it because it's not a over the top run and gun kinda game. I mean the first thing I thought when I saw it was that it was basically Outlast but within the Alien universe. I love that idea but others won't some games just won't be for everybody.

CorndogBurglar1502d ago

Yeah, you're right. People probably do think more along the lines of Avp or CM when they think of an Alien game.

Which is kind of weird considering there was really only one Alien film out of 4 that was a balls to the wall action film. Alien, Alien 3, and Resurrection were basically all "survival horror" type films.

When you break it down like that, it seems a survival horror Alien game is long overdue.

BABY-JEDI1502d ago

What I've seen so far. Alien Isolation looks awesome & the game play conveys a real challenge. Just the way it should be
; D

mahmoods261502d ago

I think one of the factors that scream this will be a good game is the studio itself. I've never known Creative Assembly to release a sub standard title. I'm not saying it'll be amazing, but it seems assured that it'll be good.