Top 5 Franchises Have Had Enough Sequels

Vernon discusses the top 5 video game franchises that he believes don't need any more sequels.

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snarls2001105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

a 5 page site so here is the list

spec ops, borderlands, resident evil, call of duty, assassians creed.

i don't agree with this list at all

All_Consoles1105d ago

Borderlands only has 2.5 games, and why spec ops

iamnsuperman1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

To be fair Spec Ops died a long time ago and Spec Ops the line (weird to carry a franchise title when the franchise had died) is and should be a one hit wonder. Brilliant game

Gamer7771105d ago

"Top 5 Franchises Have Had Enough Sequels" Title makes no sense.

UnderpaidTurtle1105d ago

"Have had enough sequels," seems to refer to games with at least one sequel. Spec Ops didn't have any form of a sequel.

Spurg1105d ago

I remember playing spec ops games on PS1...

All_Consoles1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Spec ops is actually a long running series. The line was not the first game, spec ops is kind of like the Tom Clancy name. Most of the games aren't related

The line was the first game in 10 years though

Goro1105d ago

Yeah, the original Spec Ops was on the PS1.

DVAcme1105d ago

Agreed on Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil, disagree on Borderlands and The Line. COD I think should keep going, but hold it back to once every two years for better story and more innovation. We don't need a yearly installment when the multiplayer stays pretty much the same and the campaign gets progressively weaker. And Activision can afford to take their time on COD, every installment is a guaranteed best-seller and Battlefield's consistently proven to not be any competition.

CaspuR1105d ago

Assassin creed just needs to change its style, im just tired of looking at a white hooded main character.

snarls2001105d ago

the same could be said about changing the style for any of the games on the list

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