Appleton: Video game delays ruin stellar fall lineup

The most anticipated season in the last decade for gamers has officially been cancelled.

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medman1440d ago

Absolutely nothing has been ruined. Just came to comment, I refuse to click on sensationalist headlines to give crap sites hits.

Avenger4111440d ago

this is jacksh*t.... delays only give more time to polish so experience will be far better.. wtf is this... some of us aren't 10yrs old kids that have got nothing else to do than waiting on their games... get it out when it is out and make it smooth and perfect! you'll get my money :)

Xi_Unborn_iX1440d ago

oh yea avenger441 cause watch dogs was sooooooo good thanks to its delay..... they delay games for stupid reasons people and polish is not one of em

NexGen1440d ago

I have an equally good headline: "Not buying groceries causes you to have less to eat!"