Editorial: Are You Waiting For Destiny To Buy A PS4?

There are plenty of gamers out there who don't yet own a next-gen console. Will PlayStation 4 sales skyrocket because everyone's waiting on Destiny?

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DonDon1508d ago

Did anyone else find it generic? And i'm talking to u guys who played it alot during the beta (btw I had alpha and beta access so I had extra time with it).

I liked Halo enough, mmo's, etc. But this didn't seem impressive at all. Kind of uninspired, even if just a beta.

Hope this doesn't become another overhyped let down like watch dogs and ryse. Not trying to be negative, but I'd be a fool to ignore what I played and how bored I was during both alpha and beta.

Battlefieldlover1508d ago

I loved it. I used the campanion app to read all the grimoire (prolly spelled wrong) cards which was interesting. I meet a ton of cool people. I got two "thank you" messages for some cool strike missions which is a breath of fresh air compared to the hate mail i get in BF4. I dominated the Iron Banner and got some epic gear. I collected cool high level gear i could only look at with the promise of legendary and exotic gear that will set me apart from every other guardian. ohh and i got to ride a speeder.

Most say Bungie is riping on everything (even themselves), i say you don't have to be the first to do something (even though Bungie has) you just have to do it better and IMhumbleO I think Destiny has what it takes.

DonDon1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

None of that seemed to be in the least bit compelling to me, nor are they experiences that are unique. However I respect your right to have your opinion. At least you know that you WILL like it. I just don't quite understand why though.

GrandpaSnake1508d ago

@dondon i never understood why people thought bungie was being innovative with halo a fps( when something like unreal tournament was already making the rounds. FPS games have been for the most part the damn same for generations. this is the first time i feel as though a company actually made a unique hybrid game. Maybe you just finally felt it, the fps burn... me on the other hand have stayed away from COD and BF these past two years.

JohnJ1508d ago

Yea I really enjoyed it, I think there is a culture in the gaming industry at the minute of ageing gamers, who are losing their imaginations and becoming bored.
- maybe try recapturing the enthusiasm and positivity you maybe once had as a child?
I loved destiny, I really enjoyed ryse!
You can have a lot of fun brushing your teeth with the right attitude :)
There's joy to be had and smiles to share, just jump in, and decide to let your imagination go wild!
Happiness is a choice - choose it!! :D

Heisenburger1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Considering I have, for the most part , been a playstation guy... for me it IS a breath of fresh air. So many games have come and gone that I thought I would give me something similar to Halo. All it took was the people who actually made it. ;)

I like that I can make a character modeled after myself, and can customize armor, class, sub class, colors, etc. I didn't allow myself to leave that first area once you get your ship, Old Russia I believe it was. All I did was grind in that starting area. Enough to try out the supers a couple of times for each class.
My favorite single aspect of it is the moment to moment gameplay.

Edit: Actually I forgot to mention what it is that I'm most excited for Destiny for, which is the cooperative play. There isn't any big title that my friend can play through together, and that sucks. I only played the beta by myself, but my friend and I have it preordered.

XisThatKid1508d ago

I'm def tryin to get the White PS4 for my GF. Both was in the BETA and Alpha execpt in the BETA she was in the PS3 version so now She desperately wants more Destiny so in turn yes I am waitin to get a PS4 when it comes out.

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Battlefieldlover1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

What isn't there to like? Ask around, I'm far from the only one if you're having a hard time. I ended an eBay auction Thursday for my spare Amazon pre-order of the Ghost Edition for $375. So I know of a guy in Utah who gets it.

DonDon1508d ago

There are people who spend more than that donating to a crowdfunding project. I get it: you love the game. That's fine. Just wondering WHY people like it. Some guys willingness to part with over $300 doesn't exactly answer that question for me. Oh and btw, I asked a lot of people why. Especially those in the beta (people who were literally yawning over the mic continuously yet hated to admit how monotonous and uninspiring it was). Had this not been a Bungie game, I wonder if people would still "like" what they seen in the beta. I need to understand. Simply stating one likes it witbout giving reasons why (or at least compelling reasons that can't easily be found in other games) doesn't quite entice me to want it yet. But I think people get irritated because they CANNOT explain what makes it special. That's ok. But I hate it when a game is generic, sells like crazy then we end up with a million clones. Perhaps it isn't bad for people to examine WHY they spend money on things. Your own reasons sound fine to me. But I can't understand why they are fine to countless people who have already been oversaturated with fps games. We need some new ideas for FPS games and I doubt that a psuedo MMO gimmick will be enough to carry the torch.

There have been so many delayed games this year and now the only one coming out on time is Destiny. So I really tried to like it. But it was so boring. Yet I love co-op. Kinda torn since most friends are getting it, thus they'll spend less time on TLOU and other games online. I really want to have someone convince me as to why it's good. If it sells well, we'll get bombarded by more clones, just like activision's other overhyped games (COD).

BiggerBoss1508d ago

@dondon "I'm just wondering WHY people like it... They CANNOT explain why it's special"

See, nobody has to explain to you why they enjoy a game. You are NOT an authority figure on gaming. I'm assuming if people like the game it's because THEY THINK ITS FUN. Why can't you just let people enjoy a game that's fun? It doesn't have to be revolutionary as long as it's fun, and (in my opinion at least) Destiny is hella fun.

ShowGun9011508d ago

Destiny was awesome! The best advertisement I can give it, is when the beta ended, me and my friends didn't feel like playing any of our old games... We were hooked! It's hard to describe, but it's awesome! Can't wait for the 9th

DLConspiracy1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I agree, but you are not going to get a lot of friends for saying that. Just a heads up.

I played the alpha on PS4 and the beta on both the PS4 and XB1. I completely understand what you mean. The game is fun but I felt like I was just sort of running through the motions of the game. Not truly invested in the story or anything. It just feels bit bland to me. Character-wise and everything. Gameplay is cool but still.. Nothing made me want to play it over again. Even though I played it 3 times.

Yes, I get it. Its a beta. Still getting the game but I feel everyone's expectations may be bigger than the game actually is. I will buy the game and beat it. If its good I will consider the DLC. At this point though, I feel its going to be OK? I want it to be great though...

SolidGear31508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I actually had very little interest until I played the beta. Now it's day one for the PS3 version.

MysticStrummer1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

You didn't like the game. Nothing wrong with that, but if you only buy games that are original then you won't buy many at all. Most games are pretty generic and derivative, in both gameplay and story. That includes Halo, which many seem to think is incredibly original for some reason.

OT - Yes. I'll be buying a PS4 for Destiny. I'm not expecting innovation. The game just seems like a combo of several elements I like.

Kornholic1508d ago

I found it to be quite entertaining and full of potential. The only real worry is that it becomes too repetitive too fast.

N81508d ago

I think the people who don't like it like halo and borderlands. I didn't like either of those games so I enjoyed destiny a lot. For me destiny is what I wish halo and borderlands where when I started playing them. If that makes any sense

DLConspiracy1508d ago

That's not a bad assumption. I really like borderlands.

avengers19781508d ago

The White PS4 destiny bundle has been doing really well on preorders on amazon and at GameStop... So I'd say there are a good number of people waiting for it to go next gen... I imagine PS4 will see a pretty good sales bump on sept 9... XB1 will probably get a smaller bump...

FamilyGuy1508d ago

Cooperative story mode.

It's an online only game where randoms pop in to your game space and can either help you along or do their own thing. It's refreshing, similar to an mmo yet more personal because of the much smaller number of players. It's a lot easier make a quick friend.

Other than that I'm pretty excited to see the special moves and sub-classes that are unlocked after leveling up farther in the game. The ability to pick and choose your ability types and stat characteristics to create classes that are completely different from each other that fit your play style. I'm excited to see the high level gear as well as nothing was really shown in the beta yet from videos we've seen "named weapons" that have very distinct looks and thing like helmets with flaming horns as well as glowing armbands that would make you stand out in very cool ways.

We also didn't get to see a lot of the enemy types. Those gigantic shield wielding guys weren't present in the beta at all yet a video with them in it was the first thing that caught my attention towards Destiny.

I just feel like I'd be missing out big time if I didn't play this game.

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Saito1508d ago

That's stupid! Waiting to buy a PS4.......for Destiny? Retardation detected. I'll wait for a PS4 exclusive or a better multiplatform game that will not lose interest to me and the public in 3 months. Calling it now gentelemen! Destiny will not what the hype wants you to believe. It'll be a borefest in 3 months tops. Taking all bets right here!

ZodTheRipper1508d ago

And he couldn're be more wrong with everything he said. I actually know someone who's waiting for the white Destiny bundle to make the jump to PS4.

Heisenburger1508d ago

Since when is three months a bad shelf life? Especially with all the a.d.d. filling up the servers, then immediately going back to their comfort zone.

If I buy Destiny for sixty bucks, and get three months of enjoyment with my best friend, then that is more than worth it to me man.

ShowGun9011508d ago

Exactly! If you beat a $60 game in 20hrs, you still got more bang for your buck than...

Going to the movies
Going bowling
A round of golf
A day at six flags

3 months of fun is AWESOME for $60!

Cra2yey31508d ago

No, I'm waiting to buy Destiny.

Reek1508d ago

My friend played and loved the Destiny Beta on PS3, and now he's getting a PS4 just for Destiny. And I don't blame him! The Destiny Beta was ton of fun.

Strangelover1508d ago

4,6 million people played Beta . Think about it again. 4,6 million people. Beta

700p1508d ago

That doesnt mean all 4.6million liked it.....

Hoika1508d ago

True, but a lot of people who didn't play the beta will buy the game too...

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