The Last of Us Remastered Patch 1.02 Gets Released

SonyRumors: The Last of Us Remastered Patch 1.02 is officially live in North America, with Europe and Asia to follow and helps improve matchmaking times.

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bebitech1317d ago

Really hope the latest patch helps those who are experiencing match making issues. Oddly or maybe not as these things go, not everybody is having these problems.

GarrusVakarian1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I haven't updated to this patch yet, but the server-side update they implemented yesterday made a huge improvement over how the matchmaking was two days or so ago. Today I was finding full lobbies within 20-30 seconds when playing with friends.

If this patch decreases those times even further, then great. The less time waiting in lobbies, the better.

CuddlyREDRUM1316d ago

My guess is they will be releasing a better patch as DLC.

Lawboy21316d ago

It's pretty for us right now....we can't seem to buy a match

SeanScythe1316d ago

I'm stuck on week 5 day 5 in fractions. I can't progress after every game it never gives me my results or rations and no new survivors get added. It acts like I didn't play a match.

Insomnia_841316d ago

Don't even try leaving in the middle of a match, you will get severely punished. A good amount of clan members will go hungry and sick.

And a little tip to those new to the game, when playing Interrogation, DO NOT open the box when there is still more than 3 minutes for the match to end ffs!!!! 😠

matrixman921316d ago

That happened to me the first match I played today as well. I just did not progress after the match, acted like it never happened

LackTrue4K1316d ago

your new to the game......."right???" ;

aaron58291316d ago

was playing a few rounds of factions last night... there was one player, cant really remember his name, but he just cant die!! wtf is going on??? 4 vs 1 , and we all gotkilled by him becos he cant die, he goes into the "downed" animation, and got back up... we cant even execute him... bug? glitch? hack?

DanteVFenris6661316d ago

I'd say hack, I've seen it before in multiple death match type games. Where one player will have infinite health and cheat his way to victory. And then thinks he's so pro and the best

inmusicutrust1316d ago

Nobody has hacked the ps4 yet though. Unless he was on ps it wasn't a hack. There has been some lag issues though so that may have been it.

WalterWJR1316d ago

If the last survivor can loot a crate they can get some serious armory. A clever team can retreat at that point. Attacking a guy who has planted 4 bomb booby traps and a couple Molotov's in his hands can be tricky.

aaron58291316d ago

the problem is, he wasnt the last surviver. we killed all his teammates and while his teammates waiting to respawn and 4 of us "killed" him. i mean everyone was shooting at him, and he just got back up... then 3 of us killed him again, he got back up again.

Salooh1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Played against people like that. Not only one lol . I kill them by throwing bombs or shoot so fast so that he don't get up from revive stand. hehe , i like playing against them because they are a challenge not like the people i play against -.- , lol . They need to fix it though :P ...

SonyAddict1316d ago

For some reason I can find a game quickly at night time but takes forever at 5 o'clock is.

ltachiUchiha1316d ago

Hopefully this fixes the problems for those having trouble finding matches. Also check out this video of GhostRobo who use to have a million plus subscribers following him on youtube who was a huge fan of xbox but after playing TLOU Multiplayer for ps3 he got hooked & also bought the ps4 Remastered version & despite having the problems some of u were having finding matches he even says that TLOU Multiplayer is one of his favorite Multiplayers hes ever played. Those who went from 360 to ps4, if you haven't played TLOU, trust me, go out & buy or rent or steal TLOU Remastered. Youll love it. Enjoy this video from GhostRobo.

inmusicutrust1316d ago

I highly recommend new players watch some YouTube videos after they play a few rounds of factions to see what they are doing wrong! Very different pace and strategy compared to othe multiplayer games.

ltachiUchiha1316d ago

Exactly GhostRobo also brings that up. If u think u can just go in der like a lonewolf in COD & take out a good team that plays TLOU the way it suppose to be played, your going to be not only the 1st to die but your going to continue dying & wasting your teams lives & your team will get angry at u & u may not like it just for that reason.

U can lonewolf it if your a smart lonewolf & play stealthy. I love flanking them while my team distracts them. U can wipe all 4 of them if u use a silenced weapon & go stealth mode on dem & flank them. I love this Multiplayer because it actually takes team work & stradegy to compete in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.