The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Comic-Con 2014 Panel Video Released

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader Amir has informed us about two new videos regarding CD Projekt RED’s Comic-Con 2014 panel, in which the Polish company revealed a new demo for The Witcher 3."

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FalloutWanderer20771508d ago

Looking forward to the demo but man, it's a catch 22 with the spoilers that will be revealed in the quest that is being presented. Honestly, at this point I know and have seen enough before release.

I've already pre-ordered the PC C.E. so it's not like I'm undecided if I want to play it or not. I love the first 2 games and I'm presently reading the books that inspired the games,the Witcher saga. ( Highly recommended btw)

I will try to hold out once the video is released but knowing me, being the fan of the series,it's gonna be tough not watching it :)

I just don't want to make a similar "mistake" like I did before Skyrim came out. I followed every single bit of coverage on that game that I could,every day.
When Skyrim released I still enjoyed it ( regardless of shortcomings and things I disliked) BUT I felt I knew too much,saw too much pre-release and it took a small amount of enjoyment out of it for me.

BTW,Just for clarification sake, I'm not comparing these two franchises at all. Only the similarity of how I've been following Witcher 3 with the same tenacity.

ArchangelMike1507d ago

Yeah, I've made that mistake with a few games before, and been over saturated with hype and gameplay reveals. But I think with The Witcher 3, because the story element is quite deep, watching gameplay demo's shouldn't really spoil things (or maybe I'm just already too excited for this game, that I know I'll be watching anything CD Project Red release:)

February seems such a long way away, well I guess I have enough time to catch up on the books.

FalloutWanderer20771498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Plenty of time bro to get caught up on the books. I'm still reading Baptism of Fire, 3 of 5 in the main saga,The fifth book counting the 2 short story collections, The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. These books are so good.

I am going to be sad when they end and of course be super hyped for Witcher 3. I'm going to do another play through of TW1 & TW2 before TW3 releases, I know at least 1 more of each, maybe do 2 more runs of Witcher 2 so I can get the exact ending and choices for my import save to TW3.

Yeah, I've done this with a few games but I really went overboard with the pre-release Skyrim stuff, I will do the same thing once Fallout is officially announced!

mep691507d ago

want to see this dismemberment :(

FalloutWanderer20771507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

What are you talking about exactly? They have already showe3d dismemberment in the Microsoft demo presentation and the same demo played with commentary from one of the CDPR devs. played a little bit differently.

[Chops deserter in half and dismembers other enemies]
Micro.Conf. footage better footage quality (1280 x 720 FPS: 59.94 fps Size: 590.61 MB

Micro.Conf. footage alternative play/Dev commentary vid. -

Some drowners being dismembered in the swamp demo here -

Swamp demo in all it's 1.6 GB glory -

2.) chrome://mega/content/secure.h tml#!xcgDDBSR!0fL6FV6DcGinmSbr q BoyRIAdX4fK-mZdEtbwlnBJYaw
[Go to http://forums.cdprojektred.... and click the last link at that page if this link does not work. It is worth it too! Great quality. Best quality out there of the game actually. other than gamersydes sword of destiny trailer ver.]

Every video released so far -

There you go! if you were talking about something else, then I guess we'll have to wait next week for the demo.