Bungie Weekly Update - 08/08/2014


This week at Bungie, I’m packing my bags. You will never see this face again.

There is one question you’ve all been asking since the Destiny Beta went offline. We’ve heard you. It’s time to issue an official response. Before we get down to business, indulge me as I cast my own loving look back. There’s something I have to say to my dashing defender of the last safe city on Earth.

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KingKelloggTheWH1507d ago

I can't wait for Destiny. I played the Beta for so dang many hours, and I'll probably put upward of 500 into the full game.

Lawboy21507d ago

Same...I can't wait...I can easily see 300 at the minimum

xHeavYx1507d ago

Characters don't transfer? I ain't even mad
Can't wait to my PS4 Destiny bundle

ovnipc1506d ago

I may do around 300 or more depends how much end content may have. I already paid in full for the Xbox one ghost edition.

FamilyGuy1506d ago

Learning that the level progression speed was sped up is very comforting. It was the only thing I was ever worried about and seeing that I won't go from level 1 to level 8 all in one day is great given the level 20 cap.

Now my only concern is how to divide up my time between work, women, tv and gaming. Oh duh, I spend a lot of my free time reading on this site, guess that'll be the easiest thing to cut back once Destiny is out lol. Sorry N4G

1nsaint1507d ago

To bad we aren't keeping some of our goodies. i had some cool stuff stored in the vault.

oh well i was gonna choose another class anyway.
might be for the best, the beta was probably sped up and cut out some cut scenes that tell the story

Breakline1507d ago

I think that last part is correct. If it was sped up, I feel like we'd kinda feel like the game is shorter than it is.

masterfox1507d ago

at first I was damn my character !!, but now weeks pass by I'm like meh, and also since I know a few tricks to level up pretty quickly and tricks to get good loot from enemys, and even that money trick, so is not that bad that my beta character was deleted.

whybag1507d ago

I'm glad they're doing a wipe. Trying to shoehorn old (even near final) data into a new build can transpose all kinds of gremlins. They say they've been tweaking lots of aspects of the game, I'd hate to log into a character that was stuck at a certain level of talents or something else weird.

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