How Hyrule Warriors Fits Into the Grander the LoZ Franchise | Preview High-Def Digest

People want a core, gigantic, mind-blowing release, and Link's glorious HDification is absolutely on its way sometime in 2015. But not soon enough. Cue a line shift in the form of 'Hyrule Warriors,' releasing later this year, a crossover title painting the world and characters so beloved in the 'Zelda' franchise into the frantic and violent gameplay of 'Dynasty Warriors.'

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ape0071384d ago

game look decent but i hate when nintendo let others work on their game

like Hyrule Warriors and Namco's Star Fox Assault

jcnba281383d ago

Sometimes it's a hit other times it isn't. But I do think Nintendo should keep on outsourcing their franchises because that means more games for us. Luigi's Mansion 2 was outsourced to Next Level Games and that game is one of the 3DS's finest.

randomass1711383d ago

Nintendo can't make all these games on their own. They just need to be careful and hire the right people.

wonderfulmonkeyman1383d ago

The risk is worth the gains it gets us, though.
I mean, sure, there's going to be a few misses, but we're bound to get more hits than if we relied entirely on multiplat ports, at this stage.

deafdani1383d ago

I haven't played Hyrule Warriors because sadly I don't have a time machine, but I loved Star Fox Assault. People love to trash talk the game as if it was the worst abomination ever made, when it actually was pretty decent.

Same goes for Metroid: Other M, which is a much better game than a lot of haters would lead you to believe.

Also, Capcom made Zelda: Minish cap, if I remember correctly, and I understand it's a superb Zelda game.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sega make F-Zero for Gamecube? Don't F-Zero fans love that game?

I love that Nintendo lets other companies work on their IPs. That actually gives us a chance to play more games on Nintendo systems, you know, and they usually range from "good" to "awesome".

ape0071382d ago

star fox assault was a decent game don't get me wrong but it's nowhere near the level of the masterful star fox 64

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