Comatose Man Awakens and Tries to Buy One Complete Video Game, Returns to Coma After Seeing DLC

A passionate gamer who recently woke up from a 15 year coma returned to the world of gaming by attempting to purchase the complete version of The Last of Us. Due to some complications however, he returned to his coma right after learning about DLC. (Satire)

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Insomnia_841387d ago

lol good read. Unfortunately, this is one of the bad things that came with internet connected consoles. It's unbelievable how times have changed and it seems like the more connected we are, the worst it gets for the consumers. The good side of the bad side is, it's all potional and nothing alters your experience with the game.

Majin-vegeta1387d ago

Lol why did this scene run through my mind?

equal_youth1386d ago

i asume thats how it was going down ^^

XisThatKid1386d ago

because you actually remembered that

Rainbowcookie1387d ago

Almost thought it was real... you know some gamers come from a time where all extra secrets , characters , missions where gotten from cheat codes that you got from friends and gaming mags ... today that would have been DLC sad really. Imagine mortal kombat 1 with 4 characters and the fatalities were dlc. Old skool and newer gamers just feel cheated out of a hobby they love.